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Moleskine Has More

My first Moleskine notebook was a Reporter Notebook that I bought when Dada & I moved to New York in 2007. 

I would whip it out my bag when inspiration strikes, and jot down a nice line I read from a book, a cool interview question from a magazine, ideas for business, wishlists, an adobo recipe, expenses, even actual interview transcripts, back when I still had my column for On The Radar in The Philippine Star.

7 years later, it's still alive to this day. Battered yes, but filled with memories of our years in The City, the last few pages playing witness to our first couple of days in Singapore. 

Thanks to Molekine's acid-free paper, the pages are still as crisp, rough around the rounded edges yes, but my writing still as clear and legible, as the day I wrote them.

I think this is what makes notebooks special. It's a link to the past. There's a story there that transports you back in time. A tinge of nostalgia of the days when Dada & I were newly married, making arrangements to meet with his Harvard friends. Even if it was literally just me, scrawling down the directions to our friend's apartment. 

I don't get the same rush of emotions reading notes I've taken down on one of my gadgets, that's for sure. The feel of paper, and the sight of actual ink on paper, there's just something emotional about it for me. I think this is why I have a soft spot for Moleskine.

Moleskine has gone beyond just notebooks of course. Moleskine as a brand now encompasses a family of tools for creativity and productivity, which includes diaries, device covers, journals, digital apps, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories.

Hence the new "logo" or monogram.

The new monogram presents the brand as designer of open platforms for creativity, communication and sharing. Designed by Achilli Ghizzardi Associati, the intention was to create a fluid visual icon that communicates its multi-faceted and open nature while unifying its many objects, types of users and brand values. 

Last Tuesday, I saw for myself what Moleskine truly is all about, thanks to the Philippine distributor Kerwin & Abigail Haw of Lifestyle Brands, and Consuelo and Liz of Moleskine regional office in Hong Kong, who presented an overview of the history of the brand and what we can expect from Moleskine.

Consuelo and Liz of Moleskine Regional. I love Consuelo's outfit!

Here are some of the highlights.

What makes Moleskine notebooks iconic are the following features: Hard/soft/cardboard cover, rounded corners, elastic closure, expandable inner pocket in cardboard and cloth, front endpaper with 'in case of loss' notice, ivory-coloured, 70 g/m² acid-free paper, and ribbon bookmark

Moleskine notebooks come in 6 configurations: Extra Small, Slim, Pocket, Large, Square, Extra Large, A4, Letter and A3. Aside from the legendary black colorway used by the likes of Van Gogh and Hemingway, they now come in a range of colors such as as white, blue, pink, orange, green and red.

Watch out for Special Edition Planners: Moleskine makes organizing our daily, weekly and monthly activities easy and fun, with their character planners such as this one from Star Wars. The Le Petit Prince and Peanuts planners are visual treats too.

Cahier and Volant Journals are handy dandy: If you find the regular notebooks too heavy for everyday use, Cahier Journals - cardboard covered, singer-bound notebooks are your best bet. They usually come in 8 colors, in packs of 3, in Pocket, Large and XL sizes. Volant Journals are another option - these come in packs of 2 different colors, 8 colorways, and 3 configurations: XS, Pocket and Large.

Take your ArtPlus notebook everywhere: Whether you are into sketching, music or watercolor art, whatever your medium, you have the perfect Moleskine notebook to get creative with. Visit www., and start exploring. Incidentally, Moleskine Philippines has also partnered with leterrer Abbey Sy for a series of workshops. Visit for announcements on future workshops.

The Evernote Business Notebook takes productivity seriously: think a seamless transition from your notebook to digital files - save and share meeting minutes, contact details from LinkedIn and set reminders in Evernote automatically. Amazing.

Collect the Batman and Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Notebooks: Each year Moleskine pays homage to a cast of characters we've grown up with. This year, it's Batman and Alice in Wonderland.

Meet the Passions Collection: These notebooks are dedicated to keeping track, organizing and recording the passions of our lives. Designed to host notes, clippings, drawings, memories and thoughts on a variety of specific leisurely topics such as Art, Beer, Chocolates, Gardening, even Weddings - for the soon to be bride. Each Journal includes a set of themed page layouts, themed calendars, glossaries, listings, and a core part of alphabetically organized and tabbed pages for you to fill in. 

Document your travels with the Voyageur. It is designed to travel with you. It contains maps, the back of the paperband has been designed as a selfie prop, a declaration that “I am here,” wherever that may be, detachable lists, a backpocket to store a folded piece of A4 paper, and the Moleskine MSK tool allows you to print pages from any URL in Voyageur dimensions so you can stick details such as your flight and hotel accommodations to your travel journal.

Moleskine Pens! They're designed to clip onto any hard cover Moleskine notebook, so you'll always be prepared when inspiration strikes.

Pack your Moleskine and more in their Messenger, Backpack, Tote, Reporter and Shoulder bags: Think bags that are as sleekly designed as a Moleskine notebook - with an elastic band and minimal aesthetic. Ergonomically designed, the inside has compartments, loops and pockets specifically designed to fit essential on-the-road items, with a colored lining to ease finding things in a rush. 

Make it Personal. On the day of the launch, I got to bring home a Moleskine notebook embossed with my name in gold. It can't get any more special than that! If you'd like to give personalized Moleskine products as gifts, or buy in bulk as corporate giveaways, or use them for your training kits (Like Chanel in HK apparently does), email so you can make arrangements. Fancy.

In the Philippines, Moleskine is available at and in Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Office Warehouse, Chimes Specialty Store Davao, Pormada and Zalora. 

For updates and inquiries follow Moleskine Philippines on Facebook: and @moleskineph on Instagram.

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