Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Poolside Playtime with OREO

If eating vegetables were as fun as eating Oreos, parents wouldn't have a problem with picky eaters. The kids put eating Oreos in the same league as playing with toys. Twist it, lick it, dunk it kinda fun.

Add to the fun is the Oreo Strawberry flavor, a Princess flavor if ever there was one. 

Ok, I totally made that up. Seriously though, Berry loves it. She loves the fact that it's pink. And it's strawberry flavored. Your little girls will take a shine to this flavor, if they don't already.

Oreos though, whatever flavor, are such certified hits that when Berry invited some of her friends for merienda and some poolside fun...

We made sure to pack some Oreos in the goody bags we prepared for the kids.

Berry and Xavi even enjoyed putting the goody bags together themselves. Fun for them, less work for me. Win-Win.

Of course, when her friends saw their goodie bags, they were thrilled. A tub of Play-Doh, a Ring Pop and Oreos to bring home, simple things can truly bring so much joy!

How about you? How do you play with Oreo?

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