Friday, July 10, 2015

A Chef Fara Dinner Hosted by Shorts Gourmet

You know you've had a good meal when you're still thinking about the food one month later. 

Sometime middle of last month, Mannix Pena of Shorts Gourmet graciously invited me, some old friends and new acquaintances to dinner over at his home. 

He promised a feast, prepared by his friend Chef Fara Pakdamanian (who honed his skills at Le Petite Maison Dubai and Nobu City of Dreams Manila), and goodness, I am still dreaming about the six course meal they served us.

Mannix, ever the consummate host, artfully did the flower arrangements for the table setting himself, and thoughtfully printed out the menu, which got me excited for each round heehee.

Mannix promised an international tasting menu, which true enough was the culinary equivalent, kind of, of a trip around the world.

We started off with Chef Fara's version of Laksa soup, which turned out to be yummier than what I've had anywhere, even in Singapore because Chef Fara used coconut strings instead of noodles. Oh yum!

Laksa Soup: garnished with quail egg, fried shallots, garlic bits, shrimp, clams, coconut strings, toasted peanuts, spring onions and mint

For those who do not like raw fish, this ceviche was made possible with smoked salmon. I liked the  citrus and spice in this dish, and I can just imagine how fantastic this would be with fresh, wild salmon. OMG.

Ceviche of Smoked Salmon: avocado, shallot, shichimi, sesame seed, lime juice, truffle oil on an bed of iceberg chiffonade

This Cappelacci was given the thumbs up by Mish aka Momma N Manila, who happens to be half-Italian, and knows how fresh pasta made with real, not canned, tomatoes ought to taste like.

Cappelacci: filled with ricotta, smoked mozzarella, basil served with tomato sauce

I love Mexican food. And these fajitas made me want to say Si! Delicioso! Ole! Hehehe.

Beef Fajitas: Cajun pulled beef brisket with caramelized red onion, roasted peppers, semi dried tomatoes, guacamole, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce

I'm really not a pork person, but was this tasty. I could have eaten more quinoa too!

Roasted pork ribs: rubbed with ricado rojo on a bed of quinoa, apricot, blacked cherry tomato, cucumber cubes and mint salad

Ayayay, this Chelo Morgh. I still dream of this. The roast chicken, the rice, the tabbouleh - it was pure harmony. I kind of want to ask Chef Fara if I can order this as a set, you know, like if we have parties at home, like for takeaway. I haven't mustered the courage, because he might say no. But if he says yes, I will let you know.

Chelo Morgh: roasted whole chicken with saffron rice garnished with Orange zest, barberry, almond, pistachio and a side of tabbouleh

And the star of this feast? Because Mannix hosted dinner, then its his Shorts chocolate filled shortbread cookies of course! I can eat a whole box of Shorts in one seating actually.

Mannix introduced his Mango Shorts as well, and OMG. These are divine. The kind you want to give away as pasalubong, along with dried mangoes, chocolate dipped mangoes, and mangorind. Promise.

photo via Mish of Momma N Manila

Thank you so much Mannix and Chef Fara for an evening of delicious dining. I can't wait for you to invite me to the next one. Wink. Wink.

photo via Mish of Momma N Manila

P.S. Thanks Mannix for sending us home, not just with full tummies but boxes of Shorts Gourmet cookies, California Crunch cassava chips and Stellina lemonade. You've found your way to my heart. Heeheehee.

Should you and your guests want to enjoy Chef Fara Pakdamanian's cooking right in your own home, email him at or text and call him at 0915-889-9393. 

For more on Shorts Gourmet, visit Shorts Gourmet Manila on Facebook and follow @shortsgourmet on Instagram or contact 0917-878-8818 for inquiries and orders.

Shorts Gourmet is also available at select Rustan’s Supermarkets such as Rockwell, San Antonio, Century Mall, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Alabang, P. Guevarra, and Katipunan.

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