Friday, July 31, 2015

KidZania in Manila!

"Oh wow, this is so fun Berry! We didn't have this growing up!", I excitedly told Berry as we entered KidZania, an 8,000 square meter play city for kids in Bonifacio Global City set to open on August 7, 2015 - where they get to choose from 100 role play activities:  from firefighter, pilot, courier, to cashier, doctor, even recording artist, and live out their dream career.

I spotted an LBC, National Bookstore, Oishi store and Healthy Options, all built to scale for kids, and it was just so cute! How come we nobody thought of doing this when I was a kid?

It really looked like a shrink gun semi-shrunked a city, complete with paved streets and a transport system. The stores, offices and schools are made small enough to make the kids feel like grown-ups in the real world. 

The fun began at the Cebu Pacific ticket counter. Online ticketing goes live by August 3, 2015 at But tickets will also be available for purchase here at the KidZania Manila ticket counter starting August 7, 2015.

We were required to wear an RFID (radio frequency identification) security bracelet. 

It is their policy for each child to be matched with a corresponding adult who will also wear an RFID security bracelet. No child is allowed to leave the facility without being accompanied or picked-up by the registered adult.

As an extra precaution, professional security and other measures such as CCTV monitoring cameras, paging system, emergency facility features, and a first aid team are on standby to ensure that each child remains safe while inside KidZania Manila.

KidZania partnered with over 40 real world companies, all providing children with reality-based activities and skills that they can use in real life.

When kids work, they earn wages in KidZania's currency called "KidZos". The more they work, the more they earn. Of course, they can choose to save or spend what they earn.

They can encash checks, open bank accounts, deposit money and withdraw at BPI.

They can take care of the babies in the nursery at St. Luke's Medical Center Kidzania.

Shera Tiu shares the cash registers at Healthy Options prints out real receipts. I love!

There was a Shell gas station there, but they were closed already, 30 minutes prior to the 4 pm closing time. In real life, if I was the gas station owner, and found out that they closed ahead of schedule, these people are going to get fired.

There's a beauty salon. For when the kids get stressed from too much work I guess. Oh wait, they're supposed to work here too pala.

As in real life, there's a tax collection center too. Because kids better know early on that this is one thing in life that is certain.

Sorry if that sounded like a downer. Hahaha.

Back to the good news! KidZania Manila will be on soft opening starting August 7, 2015 with limited slots available, just to make sure kids don't have to wait long for their "work shift".

It will be open 7 days a week, with one shift Mondays through Thursdays, from 9AM to 4PM, and two shifts Fridays to Sundays and national holidays, from 9AM to 2 PM for the first shift and 3PM to 8PM for the second shift.

Ticket pricing is set to increase after the soft opening period:

Other than the medyo mahal price, this is fun stuff. Imagine being able to get to experience different jobs early on so you can really zoom in on what you like and are good at?

I appreciate how kids now can get a feel of what it is like to be an adult, with the chance to figure out what they really want to do when they grow up through play.

Because role-play at KidZania is not only fun, authentic and legit with all these real companies on board, it's a powerful developmental experience in itself.

I can't wait for Xavi to turn 4, so he can participate in the activities. I was telling Dada we might just throw a KidZania party for him there to celebrate!

About KidZania

KidZania, locally franchised by Play Innovations, Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation, is an interactive kids’ city combining inspiration, fun, and learning through realistic role play for children 4 to 14. Kids can independently explore a kid-sized city with over 100 exciting roles. Each experience is designed to empower kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens. 

One of the world’s most inventive, most awarded, and fastest-growing kid’s educational entertainment concepts, KidZania has 20 locations in 17 countries, including the Philippines. 

KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, was founded in 1997, opened its first park in 1999, and is privately held. 

For more information about KidZania Manila, visit or follow @KidZaniaManila on Twitter and Instagram.

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