Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Shoe Story

Our shoe rack downstairs had been overrun with my shoes on current rotation that I decided to bring everything up to our shoe closet. 

Nana brought up one big West Elm paper bag filled with flats, sandals, sneakers and heels. It seemed like a manageable number, that I budgeted an hour to sort them out.

But when I laid everything out on the floor, even I got overwhelmed at the number of pairs I've accumulated. I took a picture for posterity, ahihihi.

I also realized I always end up buying shoes in black, nude, white or silver

While wiping the right pair of my patent ballet flats, preparing to put it right back in it's pink tissue lined box, I felt a sense of happiness (and maybe a little bit of pride) looking at the pile of shoes in front of me, like how other women would ogle their own jewelry collection, I guess.

But when I heard Dada's voice as he was walking in towards the closet, I panicked.

"Sh*t, when he sees this, he's going to freak out", I thought to myself.

But it was too late. He was already standing by the doorway, and I was crouched on the floor, still wiping away.

You know how some people use the term, "deer caught in the headlights?" That was me.

Photo via caffeinecrew

"I know, ang dami! I'm cleaning up na!" I told Dada before he could mutter a word.

But all he could say was, "Grabe."

He tiptoed around my pile as he grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt from his side of the closet, and left without saying anything else.

"Oh wow, that was easy", I thought.

Dada again appeared on the doorway, carrying Tepper. They stopped right there, looking down on me - still crouched on the floor, packing shoes in their boxes.

"Look at Mommy." Dada said to Tepper. They both watched me silently, and all that I could blurt out was...

"Don't judge me. Don't judge me. Don't judge meeee!"

Then Tepper smiled.

Hay these boys.

Thankfully, not a word was spoken ever again about my shoe situation.

Until Berry arrived from school and walked in on me.

"What a mess, Mom!" she said.

"That's why I'm cleaning up.", I replied. And to make her leave and not bug me I said, "Come help me clean!" And she turned away, hahaha.

Fast forward to dinner time and Dada was asking me why I wasn't getting the kikiam I bought from Mi Casa/Angel's Kitchen.

"I'm just waiting for all of you to get. Kuha ako when you're all done getting." I said.

"Wow, martyr!" he said.

Then added, "Hindi bagay!", chuckling happily at his own hirit.

I explained, "Ganyan talaga mommies no, last na ako, para you can eat all the kikiam you want."

Dada turned silent for a moment, seemingly mulling at my statement.

Then he said, "May martyr ba na ganyan kadaming sapatos?"

Dada looked at Berry, and they both laughed.


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