Monday, August 24, 2015

Road Testing the Chevrolet Captiva

When I hear "Chevy", I automatically think Suburban or Camaro. Big. powerful. Gas guzzling.

So it was a pleasant surprise when Chevrolet Philippines invited us to test drive their budget-friendly, fuel efficient Chevrolet Captiva. We took it for a drive down South, with Dada behind the wheel, and we liked it. Let me tell you why:

1. Personally, I like compact SUVs. It has the feel of a car, but with a lot more room. Not to mention, the Captiva looks sporty, but elegant.

This isn't all just form though. The Captiva boasts of an aerodynamic design that allows it to slice through air with minimal wind resistance. It also comes with projector headlamps, fog-light covers, LED taillights, standard roof rails and 17 inch rims.

2. Dada says no doubt, it has a great suspension system, as well as good torque (power) when accelerating. 

As with all Chevy vehicles, the engine is big on power. It has a 2.0 CRDi Turbo Diesel engine and makes use of Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT ) Technology, hence, fast and accurate acceleration response. The McPherson Strut and stabilizer, 4-dimension, multi-link suspension system meanwhile ensures a smooth and quiet ride.

3. Most importantly, the Captiva has a fuel efficient diesel system. We left the house with a full tank...

And went home with a tank still 3/4 full, after running 126 km on it.

Its GF6 six-speed automatic transmission with Driver Shift Control and ECO drive mode is designed to produce better fuel consumption ratings for extra value and savings.

4. We like the efficient configuration of seats. It can seat 7 adults. 2 in front.

3 in the middle.

And 2 at the back.

It's also easy to get into and out of the third row, as the second row seat collapses to make way for those who want to sit at the back.

These two seats on the third row may be individually folded, or folded down together to make room for big cargo like suitcases, strollers, plants, athletic equipment, or whatever.

Thing is though, when all three rows are used, there's only this slice of space for a trunk. Enough to fit a pair of shoes, a laptop bag and an overnight bag, max. I would say it can fit six comfortably, with enough room for bags and stuff, assuming you fold down one of the seats in the last row.

5. Good layout for the center console (A/C, radio etc.) steering wheel controls for radio/sounds and climate control.

These convenient features makes driving a breeze.

Love the storage space in the center console too. It has Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones and MP3 players.

6. The Captiva has a built-in navigation system. So for folks who can't Waze their way, there's always this.

7. When it comes to safety, the Captiva is also big on safety features:
- rear suspension auto leveling to distribute weight evenly
- anti-lock breaking system for better control on slippery roads
- driver and passenger airbags
- rear park assist and rear window defogger. Note though that from our experience, the rear view camera may show a discolored video feed (sometimes with yellowish/bluish tinge)
- electronic parking brake that replaces the hand brake, to prevent the car from rolling while parked.

Over and all, it's a great, compact SUV. Love it in and out, and most of all, I like that it's low-key but has loads of power and style.

If you're in the market for a new SUV, you may want to consider the Chevrolet Captiva. Do your research, and ask to test drive too, of course!

The new and enhanced Captiva 4x2 starts at Php1,398,888 for the 4x2 AT diesel variant. It comes with a 5-year Chevy warranty and 3-year free 24/7 roadside assistance. To know more about the new Chevrolet Captiva and/or promos, visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer, go to or Like the Chevrolet Philippines Facebook Page.

About Chevrolet

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