Monday, November 02, 2015

Use Oral B and Smile, Pilipinas!

Pinoys are such smiley people. 

Point a camera to a group of young kids and expect them to bust out a big grin. Toothy or toothless, it doesn't matter. 

That's why many people say, our country is the real of Land of Smiles. 

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But look closer and the reality is not as charming. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 Filipino kids have cavities. In fact, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children and adults. 

Blame it on poor oral hygiene. 

Tooth decay is preventable by brushing 3x a day, flossing, using mouthwash regularly and visiting the dentist 2x a year. But still, cavities happen. 

Maybe that's why smiling comes easier for young kids, and not for adults. Because toothless grins and rotten teeth on adults are definitely not cute. 

It also means, somebody was too lazy to brush, floss and gargle daily. 

Oral B wants to correct this disconnect between our reputation as a people vs. reality by shedding light on the importance of good oral health habits. 

The first step? The use of the right toothbrush. 

My toothbrush: Oral B Pro-Health, of course!

Case in point: The Oral B Pro-Health CrossAction toothbrush provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush to remove 90% of plaque in hard to reach areas. 

Not only that: 

- Pro-Health's tongue cleaner helps remove germs from the tongue 
- Helps improve gum health in four weeks by reducing gingivitis 
 - Provides up to 55% better cleaning along the gum line 
- Removes surface stains and polishes teeth 

All while working gently on enamel and gums. That shouldn't be hard, right? 

Living up to our reputation as a nation of happy, smiling Filipinos starts with each one of us. And it begins with arming ourselves with the right toothbrush. 

Let’s start the Smile Pilipinas revolution. Consider this a call-to-arms!

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