Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Tips for Holiday Shopping + Mango Kids Fall Fashion

Berry loves dressing up and shopping for clothes, that's not a secret.

Xavi enjoys dressing up too, in fact, he chooses his own clothes for school now. One thing I've realized though, it's not a good idea to dress up preschoolers when they've just woken up from a nap. Case in point, this:

Berry and Xavi are dressed head to toe in Mango Kids

Heehee! There's no denying though that even with Xavi's sungit face, they both look so chic! That said, with September drawing to a close, we've got to face the inevitable. Holiday shopping!

Here are some tips I've learned when shopping for kids clothes for the holidays.

1. Buy separates

While that long sleeved dress looks so adorable, sometimes it may not be worth spending on. It may be too warm, too itchy, or just plain uncomfortable. I've learned it makes better sense to just buy a dress, and a cardigan separately. The cardigan may also be matched with a top and jeans or other dresses, so there's more bang for your buck!

sparkly silver cardigan, tulle dress and pink flats, all from Mango Kids

2. Know what your child likes. 

In Berry's case, tutu inspired dresses are always a winner.  If your daughter is a girly girl like mine, she can never have too many tulle dresses. Sometimes I try to buy according to my taste, but in the end, she would hardly wear it, if at all. That's money down the drain. I've realized I am better off just letting her choose for herself, or choosing something based on what she'd like, even if I have to reign in my desire to control. Heehee. 

Berry can wear this Mango dress with tights, ballet shoes, a tiara, fairy wings and a wand, and it's an instant Halloween costume!

Now boys are easy to shop for. Maybe just get clothes in colors they like, and make sure the fabric and construction can take the rough and tumble of being worn by active little guys.

3. Buy what's practical.

Even if the dress has been merchandised to be worn with pink shoes, I would buy shoes she can wear outside of special occasions. Hence, choosing black flats instead of the ballerina pink ones. This pair of black ballerinas may be worn with all her other dresses, with shorts and trousers, and may even be worn to school. Win-win.

This pair has subtly sparkly elastics so it's not just any old pair of boring black flats. Better yet, they're comfy too

4. Buy a size bigger.

When in doubt, always buy a size bigger. It's easier to knot the straps, temporarily shorten hem lengths or stuff a shoe with extra insoles, or wear it with thicker socks than buy something that will only be worn twice or thrice and then outgrown.

Mango Kids blue suede booties for boys

5. Buy quality.

Many parents think it's not worth spending on children's clothes. I believe in spending on quality. My kids may not have a lot of clothes, but they are all made well, and built to last, such as these ones from Mango Kids. Enough to be passed on not just to younger siblings, but to much younger cousins as well.

That said, don't discount hand-me-downs! I don't think kids are kawawa if they have to wear hand me downs. I gladly accept my friends' kids' clothes, and I pass on pre-loved clothes to family and friends. It's a happy cycle! 

To see more of MANGO Kids Fall fashion, follow @mangokids on Instagram, or better yet, visit MANGO Kids in Glorietta 2, Mall of Asia, SM BF Paranaque, Trinoma, Ayala Cebu and the newly opened store in Eastwood.

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