Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SMART Infinity Brings Les Misérables to Manila + A Trifecta of Treats

"Look down, look down, don't look them in the eye!"

Actually, I'm going to look you in the eye and tell it to you straight, SMART Infinity is bringing Les Misérables to Manila, this March 2016! 

Cameron Mackintosh's acclaimed new production of Boublil and Schonberg's legendary musical finally lands here, and SMART Infinity users are offered FIRST DIBS to ticket purchasing and a 10% discount, from September 29 to October 29, 2015.

Non-Infinity users still have a chance to enjoy privileges of course, just subscribe to Plan 5000 or Plan 8000 and you get two (2) VIP Orchestra tickets, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and your choice of PAL Mabuhay Miles/Purple Card/Switch gift cards plus a free download of the entire soundtrack of Les Misérables via Spinnr. This offer is also available when members opt for the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

A theatrical showcase, fancy phones and shopping/travel - if that doesn't make an Infinity subscriber special, I don't know what else will.

According to Julie Carceller, Head of SMART Infinity, "SMART Infinity has always been about the unique lifestyle it provides befitting the most discerning clientele. In a nutshell, it's all about the eloquence and grandeur of the world of privileges it brings along with the best and latest handheld devices."

She's talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Samsung Note 5 of course.

"The latest Samsung devices, the S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5 have arrived in style via SMART Infinity. We want our subscribers to know that we are pairing the latest devices with options that address your chosen passion." offered James Chi, marketing manager of SMART Infinity.

And speaking of passion, Julie Carceller invited National Artist, the master of Philippine contemporary art no less, Bencab onstage to demonstrate how art and technology can merge seamlessly in true SMART Infinity style. Seeing him onstage, drawing Sabel, a recurring character in his body of work, was breathtaking. I was in awe the entire time and couldn't peel my eyes off the screen.

Completing the trifecta of unparalleled perks available to SMART Infinity subscribers is TRAVEL. 

The SMART Infinity travel tradition allows its members uninterrupted connectivity and data usage while enjoying travel perks, such as getting as much as Php46,000 worth of PAL Mabuhay Miles for  Plan 5000 and Plan 8000. 

These miles can be used for travel to PAL destinations such as Singapore, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Melbourne, San Francisco, LA or London OR for upgrades to business class. 

Miles are transferable too. Plus, more good news! By December 1, Philippine Airlines will be flying to Cairns, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand from Manila.

*For Plan 5000 and Plan 8000 get the the Note 5 or Edge+ for free plus SSI Purple Gift Cards/Switch Gift Cards/PAL Mabuhay Miles. Note that Plan 8000 gets both the Note 5 or Edge+ for free.

Visit the SMART Infinity website to see the latest plans, exclusive experiences and perks available to subscribers.

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