Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cheers to 10 Years of Cradle and Cycles!

Did you know that Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser is also great for washing toys, baby accessories, and even fruits and vegetables?

Emily Balajadia, who along with her husband Dennis, the husband and wife team behind Cradle and Cycles, also shares that Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser is perfect for washing real nipples (yes, as in our nipples), prior to direct breastfeeding.

When she was still breastfeeding, she would get OC about the toxic residue left by regular body soaps, and recommends this as the safer alternative because it is gentle and mild. Just use it like soap and rinse off with water. That easy.

So that is why if there's one product I bring with me whenever I travel, especially since I am still breastfeeding and pumping when on the go, it would be a Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser. 

This sample size pouch I packed on my last trip was enough to last me a week!

Even though I have big bottles of Cradle stored at home, I would still collect all the samples and save it for my trips, because they're so handy. I've brought them along to Singapore, Hong Kong and recently Paris. It's an essential part of my pumping kit. (In fact, I'll share with you tips on how I pump and bring home breast milk from abroad on a separate post ;)

Speaking of essential, I can't imagine having a baby 10 or more years ago, when "baby safe", "organic", "biodegradable", and "natural" were just buzzwords. It was 10 years ago in fact, that Emily and Dennis started Cradle and sister brand Cycles, when they realized that they were shipping boxes of baby laundry detergent and baby safe products from abroad, they decided they might as well make their own. (On a side note, Emily and Dennis are also behind Beach Hut sunblock, a line of sun protection products borne out of their frequent family beach trips!)

Fast forward to now, not only has their product range gone beyond laundry detergents and bottle cleansers - with Cycles coming out with a stain soaker and skin care products like insect repellent cream and mosquito patches, diaper rash cream, cleanser and lotion and Cradle with a toy & surface cleaner, they have also become a trusted source of baby safe products here in the Philippines, as well as in Indonesia and Thailand.  What a feat, and all in 10 years!

Emily and Dennis, this deserves a huge thank you!

Thanks for having all these products made available here, so we don't have to do what you did a decade ago, shipping natural baby essentials from abroad. You have made going green easy and inexpensive for today's parents!

Happy 10 years to Cradle and Cycles, and many more years to come!

As part of the festivities, here's a chance to be one of the 5 lucky winners of Cycles & Cradle gift packs, simply by liking and sharing the celebrity moms or mommy bloggers postings! 

Here’s how to join: 

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- Promo Duration: October 20 to November 18, 2015. 

For more on on Cradle and Cycles, visit www.cradlenatural.com and www.cyclesbaby.com and follow @cradlenatural_ph, @cyclessensitive and @cyclesbaby_ph on Instagram.

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