Thursday, October 15, 2015

Necessary Luxuries from Kristine Dee & Paul Syjuco

Necessary Luxuries, Kristine Dee’s and Paul Syjuco’s latest fine jewelry collection launch, happens at 2:00 PM on 17 October 2015 at the Recto Room of The Peninsula Manila.

Pink tourmaline and lavender band diamond earrings by Kristine Dee 

Cuff in rose gold and yellow gold with diamonds by Kristine Dee 

Fire opals, sapphires and diamonds in gold by Paul Syjuco 

Teeth ring in colored diamonds and rose gold by Paul Syjuco 

Necessary Luxuries

Each person defines luxury differently. A designer handbag might make one woman’s pulse race, while her friend might gasp over a bottle of wine from a small producer. Still another friend might visit dozens of galleries to find just the right painting to hang on her living room wall. 

But one thread does run through all of these definitions of luxury—each expresses something special about the woman who chooses it. You can call it an aesthetic or a specific taste. But as she enjoys the handbag, the glass of wine or the painting on her wall, she also uses it as a way to reveal something of herself to the world. 

Perhaps no item fulfills this function of luxurious self-expression like fine jewelry. Worn on the body, it makes a woman feel beautiful, while also making a statement about her personality. And that statement doesn’t have to be heavy-handed. “True luxury, in jewelry as in all things, isn’t about flash,” jeweler Kristine Dee says. “Details such as intricate workmanship matter more. Or choosing a piece and wearing it in a surprising way, like a diamond choker paired with a white T-shirt.” 

Kristine’s inspiration for her newest collection is the medium itself. She lets the shapes, colors and unique qualities of precious stones speak for themselves and weaves them into sensuous, feminine forms. 

Paul Syjuco’s latest collection is quirky and fresh. Among the pieces featured is a ring shaped like a set of lips with diamond teeth and a dazzling pair of earrings that play with color: indigo tanzanites on a bed of pastel sapphires. Paul states: “Luxury to me is having something one-off; something built meticulously, carefully, by hand. An item like that represents many hours spent by skilled craftsmen designing, forming, being on top of every step in the process of bringing the piece to life. Time, nowadays, is the ultimate luxury.” 

To enjoy beautiful things, to express one’s self—these are necessities. Paul and Kristine’s latest collections merge necessity and luxury into one. 

Necessary Luxuries, Kristine Dee’s and Paul Syjuco’s latest fine jewelry collection launch, happens at 2:00 PM on 17 October 2015 at the Recto Room of The Peninsula Manila. The collection may be viewed at Aum Jewels Peninsula and TriNoma as well as Firma Greenbelt 3 after the launch. 

In partnership with Zenutrients

For inquiries please contact Kristine at, 0917.895.0816 and Paul at, 0905.219.2948 

About Kristine Dee 

 Kristine Dee obtained her Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in New York in 2001. She first worked as furniture and home accessories designer both here and abroad, before focusing on jewelry. She has been creating yearly collections through trunk shows since 2003. Kristine enjoys working with one-off and bespoke pieces, updating and developing personal jewelry collections. Her industrial design background fuses her love for jewelry, beautiful gemstones and materials, with her deep appetite for remarkable aesthetics, function and proportion to create noteworthy pieces to collect and treasure. 

About Paul Syjuco 

Paul Syjuco was exposed at an early age to jewelry manufacturing through their family business. After graduating with a degree in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines, Paul worked for a few years in consumer finance, but eventually decided to pursue a career in jewelry design. In 2002, he earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. Shortly thereafter, he did further training in Jewelry Design and Pearl grading. His work allows him to enjoy the best of all worlds, combining his love for design and his passion for business and industry. He is guided by generations' worth of knowledge in producing timeless, artisanal pieces, all of which are still meticulously handcrafted. His pieces have been included in several jewelry exhibitions in Manila and abroad. He also occasionally holds lectures and workshops on jewelry design and has been consulted for would-be investors of fine jewelry.

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