Sunday, November 08, 2015

MFO Paris Series: Airport Line

Bonjour! I've been meaning to blog about my Paris trip with my friend Pat, but I realized, it would be better to cut it up into chunks, and make it a series because

1) There are just too many fantastic discoveries and tips I have to share, and
2) It would take me forever if I just write everything in one go.

So let's cut to the chase, and start off with tip #1: airport pick-up.

the blue skies of France, just gorgeous, as seen from my Airport Line van

If you don't have friends or family picking you up at Charles de Gaulle airport, there's always that option of getting to the city by rail, cab, bus or Uber.

Then of course, there are car services like Airport Line which offers private transfers from the airport to your destination.

I discovered Airport Line, via our Airbnb host, Parisian Home, who made prior arrangements to hand over the apartment key to the Airport Line driver. While the driver did not have the key when I arrived, he drove me to the Parisian Home office in Montmartre to pick up the keys to the apartment. Fair enough.

Making arrangements for pick up by Airport Line was easy. I just booked online via their website, (take note however that reservations need to be made 48 hours in advance), they sent me an email confirmation and that's it.

While they asked for my credit card information, payment was settled in cash and paid directly to the driver. I paid €68 for a standard minivan that took me from CDG to Paris. For the full list of fare rates, visit

I made note of their hotline 0800 77 61 63, just in case I had problems finding the driver, which also happened, as the arrivals section was unusually packed that day. I tried calling the hotline, but it was in French! I decided to just email the person who sent me the confirmation and asked him to tell the driver that I was waiting for him. In a couple of minutes, I got a call from the driver on my mobile and we made arrangements to meet by one of the exits.

Over all, if not for the part where I couldn't find the driver, the process was easy enough.

To recap. To get Airport Line service:

1. Reserve at least 48 hours before your arrival via their website. Wait for the email confirmation via email.
2. Upon arrival at the airport, your driver will be waiting for you as you get out of the customs hall and will be holding a sign bearing your name.
3. Tell the driver where to drop you off. Prepare payment in cash. They do not expect tips, but I gave the driver a tip anyway. Speaking of tips, here's a tipping guide by David Lebovitz. The information is quite useful!

Next up: The Airbnb Apartment

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