Sunday, November 22, 2015

MFO Paris Series: Flea Market Finds Part 2 of 3

Wanting that mirror, while holding on to my precious finds

I love, love, home stores. I enjoy browsing inside home stores, that I have to do it alone, otherwise Dada will complain that I take up too much time. Especially since I don't really have anything in mind to buy. I just like looking and adding items to my wishlist for my future French inspired home.

So you can just imagine how I felt like I was in heaven, browsing at Porte de Vanves. Everything was authentically French (but of course, heehee) and everything I would need to outfit a home, be it actual pieces, or for inspiration, would be here.

Enameled iron pots by Nomar (a small pot manufacturing company owned by Staub) and Le Creuset

Gorgeous woven baskets that Jane Birkin would approve of

Limoges tea cups and saucers, gorgeous!

Sevres crystal goblets

French mirrors that I imagine, belonged to a French bistro. I want them! Why didn't I buy them again?

French abubuts, I ended up buying that silver Christofle bowl for 30 euros, heehee

More Christofle goodness

Be still my copper pots and pans loving heart!

There were some linens too!

Found thick linen dish towels, with those classic French stripes. I ended up buying a couple for 10 euros, about the same price I would pay for new ones at La Grande Epicerie, except these ones are thicker and have obviously been around for much longer. I bought some of these ones embroidered with "HC" because, Harvey and Christine, diba?

Toile print bed covers. Chica, chica, chica!

Next up: Part 3 of my Flea Market Finds

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