Monday, February 22, 2016

Parenting to Build Family Resilience

Parents and soon-to-be parents, here's one productive way to spend a Saturday!

You might want to consider attending this parenting talk by Dr. Honey Carandang with the country's leading psychologists, happening at the Henry Sy Auditorium of St. Luke's Global on February 27th, from 8 am to 4pm.

I think resilience is something that we and our kids ought to learn and take to heart. 

In this day and age where people feel suicide is an option in the face of hardship and struggles, it has to be stressed that the ability to bounce back from trying situations has to be ingrained in our mindset.

She touched upon this briefly at a BrainRX talk I attended recently (I'll tell you more about BrainRX soon!) where Dr. Carandang was the guest speaker, and her insights into parenting today, as well as her stories and practical tips and points of view are worth their weight in parenting gold. 

You'll have to attend this full day talk, for you to know what I mean. 

Try to go and invite your fellow parents too. Because as Dr. Carandang likes to say, "Parenting is Nation-building." Our country's future leaders might as well be living in our own households. Let's do right by them.

I might as well share with you this insightful article, The Secret Formula for Resilience, from The New Yorker. Great read! 

For more on Dr. Honey Carandang, the talk on Saturday, and the MLAC Institute, visit

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