Monday, March 28, 2016

My Dream Kitchen

Marie Kondo said that "if you want to meet a beautiful home that is just right for you, take good care of the one you live in now."

Well, since I have started my Konmari journey, I have to admit that clearing out clutter has done wonders for me in terms of opportunities that open up. It's like I cleared out space to make room for new beginnings. With only books and komono left to get rid off, I would like to begin to make way for the future, my future home! 

I'll start with the kitchen. Discovered Scavolini via Stenie Coyiuto Tay's post on Facebook. So I googled Scavolini and discovered the Favilla series in their site. Now this is my kind of kitchen! There are bits and elements here that I want for my future kitchen.

- I like the stove and air vent, although I also want something more traditionally French like Lacanche or La Cornue. But since servicing locally might be an issue, then that's something else to consider. There's always La Germania. Ahahaha. My friend Mish Aventajado swears by the Viking range of kitchen equipment too. They have a responsive service team, says Mish. So I'm seriously making a mental note on that as well.

- The wooden table. Our current dining table can be resurrected as a kitchen table. Our Tolix chairs which we currently use as our dining chairs will totally fit right in this style of kitchen too.

- I like the farmhouse sink. Not in this color way. I'd go for the traditional white one. I like the idea of gray countertops. Maybe in soapstone.

- There's something alluring about the open shelving. The all white cabinets also reminds me of Diane Keaton's Hamptons kitchen in Something's Got to Give. I like that the refrigerators aren't entirely seen. The kitchen in the Airbnb apartment we stayed at in Paris had the refrigerator and freezer concealed in the cabinets. I loved it.

- Again, that wooden table in the kitchen. And that walled unit with the curved top door! It's a toss up between open shelving and this. Or there might be a way to incorporate both and use this walled unit as an accent piece.

- Double farmhouse sinks. In gray. Not bad when set against white cabinets.

- Instead of marble flooring, I'm thinking of how I can include a marble topped French country kitchen table in my kitchen. Yeah, I'd like marble elements too.

- For feng shui reasons, I wouldn't put the stove right across the sink, but the gray countertops on white cabinets? Pretty. I also like that the kitchen appliances are seamlessly integrated and do not stick out.

- Love the big open windows! I want a kitchen with big windows for light to stream in. But where to put the open shelving and walled unit I want? Need to figure out a way to do that.

Now, all I have to really do is figure out a way to incorporate all the elements I like into one kitchen. Universe, I'm up for it!

P.S. Dada and I have figured out how we want our entryway to look like. I also know how I want our stairs to look like. It's kind of a mix of a Parisian/Upper East Side look we're going for. I've started to gather pictures, and I can't wait to put it up here!

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