Thursday, May 19, 2016


Last night, with 3 kids in bed, lights off...

Xavi: I love Mutella!
Me: Did you say Mutella or Nutella?
Xavi: Mutella!
Me: It's Nutella, not Mutella. Say it with me, Nutella.
Xavi: Mutella
Me: Nu...
Xavi: Nu...
Me: Tell...
Xavi: Tell...
Me: Ahhh!
Xavi: Ahhh!
Me: Nutella!
Xavi: Mutella!

Berry busts out giggling. Xavi starts one of his infectious belly laughs. Tepper, who was silently breastfeeding joins in. We all end up laughing. 

Me: Look at Tepper, he can't even say many words, but he's laughing at you Xavi! 

Tepper sits up. Throws his head back and laughs a hearty laugh. And everyone breaks into giggles again. What a fun night! Beats any party!

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