Thursday, July 07, 2016

Ageless Beauty with Olay

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.” - Coco Chanel

I wonder what Coco Chanel would say for a woman in her 60s. Would she say, "Be happy with the face you have at 60?" 

Not that looking 60 is something to be afraid of. Because if you look like Charo Santos-Concio at 60, my gosh, that's something to celebrate!

Olay Philippines recently announced Ms. Charo Santos-Concio as their newest Ambassador for the Olay Regenerist Line. Which is not only well-deserved for Ms. Concio but also a casting coup for Olay.

At 60, Ms. Concio has just retired at the top of her game, as President and CEO of ABS-CBN, which made her one of the most powerful women in media. Her show, Maalaala Mo Kaya is the longest running drama anthology in the world, and to this day, never fails to get our yayas shedding a tear or laughing out loud with every episode.

We got to see her up-close and personal at the event hosted by Olay Philippines a few weeks ago, and as Boy Abunda interviewed her, I couldn't help but be in awe of what she has accomplished for herself. She seemed shy and a tad self-conscious, admitting her nervousness to the crowd, which in reality belied the strength within her. 

To be able to manage the whims and the demands of the cast of characters in the entertainment industry is no small feat. To take a powerhouse like ABS-CBN from strength to strength requires balls and she has it, no doubt. 

She makes success look so easy. The way she makes looking beautiful at 60 look easy too. Her beauty secret of course, is no secret. 

While she has been a long time Olay user, she recommends using the powerful duo of Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Pre-Essence and Micro-sculpting Cream as part of one's night time ritual. This is because, and to think she only found out about this recently, night time is the best time for skin repair and renewal.

Lucky for us, we know this early on, and that natural skin repair reduces as we age. Not to fret if we are late into the skincare game though because the Olay Night Ritual fills this gap.

Dubbed as the "Overnight Miracle", it promises more youthful skin after just 5 nights of use. Together, it has 2x the advanced anti-aging actives that penetrate the skin 10 layers deep to provide 1.5x hydration. It also has PAL-KTTKS peptide and Niacinimide to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and strengthen skin resilience.

I've tried it myself and I can attest to the fact that my wrinkle situation has considerably improved in two weeks (which was the length of time I had the chance to compare using Olay's skin imaging system)

June 1, 2016: In my age group, 82% of women had less wrinkles than me! 87% had better texture than me! Wah!

June 15, 2016: Two weeks later, my stats improved. 68% have less wrinkles than I do (down from 82%) and 68% have better texture than I do (down from 87%).

I'm continuing the Olay Night Ritual and can't wait to see better and improved results in the weeks to come.

Try the Olay Night Ritual for yourself too! To purchase online, click HERE.

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