Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Cheeky Way to Beat the Heat: Icoño Series at Tesoros

Thanks to Dadang Tesoro, I found a fun way to beat the heat. With humor and a big ass fan, that's how. If you're starting early with your Christmas gift list, take note of the  Icoño Series at Tesoros.

I've already bought a couple of fans for friends and my sister-in-law who found it so fun, I'm betting this would be a hit for the Titas and Donyas of Manila, fanning out to the rest of Titas and Donyas of the islands.

Launched in collaboration with Monchet Olives of Casa Mercedes, the limited edition Tesoros Icoño Series was unveiled to the public last July 21 at the Tesoros store on Arnaiz Avenue.

It was a natural progression for the the two brands since Casa Mercedes has been supplying fans to Tesoros since the 1950s. Both have long been acknowledged as respected Filipino brands that continue to remain relevant by adapting to the times, coming out with products that appeal to a younger demographic.

See how fun these fans are?

The line was designed by retired media executive and Casa Mercedes heir Monchet Olives, who revolutionized the Pinoy fan with the Katha Award-winning “Icoño Series” – inspired by the film “Heneral Luna” and the utterances of the “Castilaloys of Pinoy Society”. Check out the rest of the collection here.

I love how irreverently funny and borderline bastos each piece is, there's a bound to be a fan to shock  your conservative Abuela, flatter your favorite Tita, annoy your Donya friend, bring a touch of humor to your serious and uptight hermana and send a message to your feeling coño cousin.

The fans retail for Php750 and available at the Tesoros Handricrafts store in Makati.

For more about Tesoros, visit their website, or follow @tesoroshandicrafts on Instagram and Facebook. Visit the Tesoros store at 1016 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City to view the complete fan collection.

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