Friday, August 19, 2016

Berry's Barbie Story

Berry the Baker makes the prettiest as well as the best tasting cakes in town.

One day, a lady comes to her bake shop and asks her to make a castle cake. 

"My daughter is having a princess party, and she wants a cake shaped like a fairy tale castle for her 7th birthday. I know you are the only who can do it!", said the lady.

Berry had never done a castle cake before, but she wanted to make the little girl and her mother happy. 

She was up for the challenge. More than a fantastic baker, Berry was also an avid learner, and thought that learning how to make a castle cake will make her a better baker.

So Berry asked her friend Barbie, who is an engineer, and another friend Sara, who is an architect for help on how she can construct a castle cake that would not topple.

The three girls brainstormed on how to make sure they will make a solid cake that would not wobble.

They worked on measurements to make sure that the base would be stable and that the towers will not fall.

Berry thought of special formulations for her cake not to be too soft or too hard and for the  icing not too melt. Of course, it still had to be tasty.

To thank her friends for all their help, Berry prepared delicious pastries and some tea to calm them down.

The following day, she went to work, and came up with a cake so tall and gorgeous, the little girl and all her friends squealed with delight as they saw it being unboxed. It was also so delicious, the birthday cake was talked about for years to come!

Moral of the Story: Don't be afraid to try, and don't be shy to ask for help.

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