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Bitter is Better with Ampalaya Plus + A Giveaway!

I used to hate eating Ampalaya as a kid. My mom would make an Ampalaya salad with vinegar, tomatoes and onions and I thought it was the vilest thing.

Kind of like this, via The Royal Chef Eats

As I grew older, and with a better awareness of the health benefits of Ampalaya, I acquired a taste for it, and I actually feel good about eating it blanched as a salad, in pinakbet, or with ground beef and black beans.

Kind of like how I see exercise as a good kind of torture.

Of course, I don't love Ampalaya enough to eat it everyday, so when I met Benson Sian of Ampalaya Plus through our common friend Aihleen Tan Gruba, and discovered his natural and homegrown supplements that apparently are very popular amongst balikbayans and OFWs that they bring boxes of his health supplements when they leave the country, I was intrigued.

Ampalaya Plus is so popular, it is already sold in Japan where we have a lot of overseas Filipinos

More so at first for our household staff. We usually buy vitamins for them at S&R, because we figured, we want them healthy, and we'd rather we take preventive measures than have them get sick, hospitalized and have us cover what PhilHealth won't. It's cheaper for all of us in the long run.

But as I listened to him share testimonials of happy clients, it got me thinking that I needed to share this with more people outside our household.

One seaman would take it religiously to stay in tip top shape because he couldn't afford to fail his physical examinations before going on a trip (he was the family breadwinner and he suffered through the trauma of seeing his mom suffer from diabetes, physically and financially). And since he was out at sea most of the year, he would take Ampalaya Plus to supplement his vegetable intake.

Another was a Danish man married to a Filipina and he was suffering from acute diabetes that his foot was about to be amputated. Luckily, his wife met another Filipina married to a foreigner in Mercury Drug and recommended Ampalaya Plus.

The story ends well, his foot was saved. He continued to take his insulin injections but with better diabetes management and Ampalaya Plus he was able to better control his blood sugar. In fact he claims that his blood sugar levels were so good that his doctor was able to reduce his insulin injections. He was so happy he decided that he wanted to share Ampalaya Plus in Denmark.

He paid to have it registered and tested by the Danish Regulatory Agency just so it can be brought in there. As of today the product is registered and can be legally sold in EU.

Ampalaya Plus sold in Denmark

According to Benson, a better diet would work in the long run and taking Ampalaya Plus, which is a natural dietary food supplement that contains Ampalaya (Bitter gourd), Banaba, and Luyang dilaw (Turmeric) could help manage blood sugar naturally.

A Family History of Diabetes

It's the sort of product that turns users into believers, and since diabetes runs in our family, I was convinced I needed this in my life too.

More so for my Mom who has had diabetes since she was in her late 30s and has been injecting herself with insulin for close to three decades now. 

According to Benson, that could have a harmful effect on her liver in the long run and taking Ampalaya Plus, which is a natural dietary food supplement that contains Ampalaya (Bitter gourd), Banaba, and Luyang dilaw (Turmeric) could help lower her blood sugar naturally.

Ampalaya is one of the 10 medicinal plants promoted by the Philippine Department of Health as a traditional food that may help maintain blood sugar levels. Banaba is a plant that has a long traditional use in the Philippines. Studies show that Banaba contains corosolic acid and ellagitannins (lagerstroemin, flosin B and reginin A). regular use of Banaba may have positive effects on the body’s blood sugar levels. Turmeric also known as the “Golden Spice” has been traditionally used in ancient medicine (Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine) because of its numerous health benefits. It's also the hottest superfood right now.

Ampalaya Plus Junior for Kids + Breastfeeding Moms!

But because I am still breastfeeding, and don't have diabetes, Benson recommended that I take Ampalaya Plus Junior instead. This is because Banaba in Ampalaya Plus has weight loss properties apart from lowering blood sugar, while Ampalaya Plus Junior has Malunggay, and at 315mg per capsule, that's more than the leading breastfeeding supplement 's 250 mg. Ampalaya Plus Junior is cheaper too, at Php6.50 vs the leading brand's Php9/capsule.

Of course, it was originally designed for kids, aged 7 and above, who hate eating vegetables. Benson shares you can open the capsule and mix it with their soup, ulam or juice so they don't have to swallow the capsule.

It's also great for adult pre-diabetics and non-diabetics, as a vegetable supplement, taken three times a day, 10 minutes before each meal.

A Giveaway. Yay!

I am pretty sure we are not the only family in this country with a family member with diabetes, is breastfeeding, or who have kids who hate vegetables. So, I'm sharing a gift pack to 10 of my readers who want to try and or maybe have a loved one try Ampalaya Plus, Ampalaya Plus Junior and Delite Tea with Calamansi and Ampalaya (a tea with zero calories, no artificial flavour or colouring, no sugar added).

We'll include the cookbook with healthy recipes too!

Just leave a comment here (or on my Instagram or Facebook page) if you'd like to get a gift pack to try, and who you'd want it for and why! I'm happy to share this galing discovery with you!

UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed as we have already reached 10 readers as of August 12, 2016. Current users may still win a complimentary one month supply by leaving a testimonial/review on the Ampalaya Plus site. Details below.

Ampalaya Plus is is a product of Nattural Quality Corporation, founded in 2002 and has been in the business of supplying natural health supplements made from herbs and medicinal plants sourced from local farmers. Other products include Slenda for slimming, Enduranz for Men, and Renalin for those with kidney concerns.

For more on how Ampalaya is effective against diabetes, read HERE and HERE

All these producst are available at Mercury, Watsons and all leading drugstores and online at Lazada and their website,

If you are already an Ampalaya Plus user and would love to win a one month supply, simply leave a 100-150 word review HERE. You will be notified by a representative of Nattural Quality Corporation via email if your entry is chosen.

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