Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#SkinHealth Q&A: Healing Pimples from Within

As a follow-up to my last #SkinHealth post, here’s a skin concern from a reader that I know many of us can relate to. Read on!

Q: Hi Tin! You look like you have such nice skin, I can’t imagine you saying you had acne before. I’ve done a lot of treatments at my derma already, but I have yet to see a major improvement on my skin. Any other options I should consider? Thanks! 

- Sad For My Skin 

Dear Sad For My Skin, 

I was on the same boat as you are now years ago, and if it seems like you are not getting the results you want, just be a little more patient. Results do not happen overnight. 

I think it took me a year approximately before my skin totally cleared up. It took a combination of factors for my skin to heal really. Apart from regular derma visits, I embarked on a total lifestyle change: eating healthy, sleeping early, and if it sounds a little bit kooky, willing my skin to heal itself from within. 

Have you ever heard of Mind-Body Connection? In a nutshell, it pretty much sums up the idea that our thoughts can affect our health directly. Case in point, if we are stressed, we either get sick, have a breakout, get migraines, or get hives. 

Here’s what I suggest: Continue on with your derma treatments. You need those regular facials, cleanings and topical treatments. But also work on your #SkinHealth from within. A healthy lifestyle is a given, so I’m giving you three additional tips that also will do wonders for you. 

1) Don’t think about your zits. Honestly, the more I obsessed about my skin, the more my pimples seemed to multiply. And they just got more stubborn and wouldn’t go away. I’d get a really nasty inflamed zit that needed steroid shots, and my derma would make me take antibiotics na because it was bordering on cystic I swear. Ok, I maybe exaggerating, but you get my drift. It was downright horrible. So I decided to just let it go. Yeah, let it go. Get your mind off it, read a book, don’t look in the mirror (super worked for me), focus your thoughts elsewhere, and just go on with your life pretending you don’t have it. 

2) Prayers and meditation. Part of my daily nighttime ritual would be to pray to God to take away my zits. I would say, “God, I’d rather donate to worthy causes than spend my money on my face.” And really, I would. I’d donate to NGOs and give support to blood drives, clothing drives, visit wounded soldiers in hospitals, any way I can give back. Which links to my first tip. I think focusing less on myself and focusing my energies on worthy endeavors had a healing effect.

Plus, this is going to sound really weird but it worked for me, so I am putting this out there. Hear this, I would meditate and imagine a silver light cleansing my face and zapping all the zits with healing energy. I swear, our mind can do wonders in healing ourself. 

3) Consider taking medication like Lactezin. Ok, fresh new discovery! Lactezin is a naturally-derived over-the-counter drug, so you’re ensured it’s safe, effective and still clinically tested. It has a breakthrough combination of three active ingredients – Lactoferrin (antibacterial milk-derived protein), Vitamin E, and Zinc, which combined together, have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties.

Lactezin starts curing acne from within, providing the body with defenses against acne and skin remedies for beautiful skin. The result is clearer, smoother, less oily skin with finer pores.

This wasn’t around during my time, but now that there’s something like this in the market now, I wish this had come sooner! Would have freed me from all the anxiety caused by bad skin.

Best of all, it deals with pimples the natural way, and not through hormones as it was during my time, where girls had to resort to taking birth control pills just to have clear skin.

Of course, keep your mind open to different treatments, but also remember that when it comes to medications, do your research and only take FDA-approved medication from a a reputable source or manufacturer.

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