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How to Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke with Security Bank

When Em Sulit of Game Changer PH asked me to do a talk for an event she was planning for  Security Bank, where I had to talk about my passions and how it ties in to investing, I kind of had to do a double take. I couldn't reconcile both topics.

Passions are usually equated to expenses. Like traveling, eating well, buying cars, collecting jewelry, shoes or bags, working out, even reading books or watching movies and plays. 

A slide from my presentation, it's true diba?

But Em clarified, "Like you can do KonMari and invest at the same time. Savvy shopping but still invest. Share tips in shopping mindfully, buying only what you need, then investing the rest of the money instead of going to impulse buying."

With that put into context, I said yes. While I do enjoy traveling and shopping, I like to think I do so mindfully. I believe in thoughtful consumption, and that we can live a quality life now, without sacrificing our family's future and squandering resources. 

So I prepared myself for the event, where the other speaker was Monica Manzano of My Little Globetrotters and Flow Retreats. I loved her talk. I've always been a cautious person, always calculating risks. Meanwhile, Monica is the sort of free spirit who will pack up her family and set up a home in remote Palawan, because that's what her heart tells her to.

She shared how they didn't have a Plan B, and how they had to head back to Manila when funds had run out. It was an eye-opening experience for her, that made her take stock of the realities of life, and forced her to look at how she could balance her passions without going broke.

Which was exactly what the topic was for that day.

To be honest, weeks before the talk, I started off unsure of how to tackle the topic. But then, I found myself enjoying myself as I prepared the slides. It made me reflect on what I've done and what I could do better career wise and financially. Here are some of the highlights from my presentation:

1. I shared how I was able to convert my passions in writing, fashion, shopping and recently, KonMari (aka decluttering) into earning opportunities.

2. I realized that when we are passionate about something, we invest time and money in it. I spoke about how we should also invest in ourselves by way of taking courses, going to graduate school, or accepting an unpaid internship, if it means gaining valuable knowledge and experience along the way. Indulging in passions doesn't have to mean throwing money at it. If approached straegically, it could pay you back as well.

3. I also shared some of my tips on my thought process/approach to shopping and spending:

- Before buying, ask yourself, "Will this end up as kalat?"
- It's ok to accept hand me downs, or buy second hand.
- Spend only on what sparks joy.
- Buy quality, spend on things that last.
- Make it a habit to save a portion of your income.
- Donate, give, share! It comes back to you.

4. If I were to drill down my philosophy on spending, I'd echo Vivienne Westwood who famously said:

5. Of course, spending carefully and saving regularly will never really be enough to prepare us for big expenses like buying a house of having enough for our twilight years, hence, the importance of investing.

In fact, if we really want to be able to pursue our passions well into retirement, the secret really is in investing.

6. And that means, starting NOW, investing REGULARLY and investing in the LONG TERM.

While I have a working knowledge of finance and investments, I am not totally equipped to talk about the rudiments of investing with the audience. Ninotchka Sulit and Martin Belgado of Security Bank Trust Division where there to shed light on the different investment vehicles, most especially, UITFs available to depositors.

With Monica, Ninotchka Sulit and Martin Belgado of Security Bank and Bloomberg anchor, Regina Lay

What's a UITF? It stands for Unit Investment Trust Fund, which is an open-ended, pooled trust fund that is operated by a trust entity, in this case Security Bank. The pooled funds are invested by a team of professional portfolio managers in various deposits and securities. Read more about UITFs, HERE.

Martin is the head of Security Bank’s Asset Management Group’s Retail Sales and Marketing Team. Prior to joining Security Bank, he was with ATR KimEng Asset Management as a Business Development Officer and with ING Investment Management Philippines as a Funds Marketing Officer and Product Development Analyst. He graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering and a minor in Finance, and earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Boston University.

Ninotchka is VP and Head of Sales and Marketing for Security Bank Trust Division. She has over 20 years of bank sales and relationship management experience in both Asia and North America with focus on high net-worth clients. Prior to SBC she worked in the financial services industry in New York for 15 years. She was with JPMorgan Chase New York for 11 years as a Relationship Banker, VP for Personal Financial Services with over 150MM dollars in managed relationships and Chase Private Client Mortgage Banker with over 100MM dollars in booked complex loans. She also worked in HSBC New York as AVP in their Premiere Relationship Department and was a Financial Advisor in Morgan Stanley New York. Her investment credentials include Capital Markets Qualification, Life and Health insurance license, Investment and state licenses and managed futures. She graduated from University of Asia and The Pacific with a degree in Business Administration. 

At Security Bank, you only need Php10,000 to start investing in a UITF, which can be topped up in increments of Php5,000. All of us moms here opened a UITF account that very same day. Kasi diba, invest NOW.

Really, if you are serious about preparing for your future, consider investing and opening a UITF account.

For existing Security Bank clients like me, it's just a matter of filling out a UITF Account Opening Kit.

If you don't have a Security Bank account yet, just stay put, go to your computer and Click to Switch at An account officer will go to you and help you set up your account.

So there ha, no excuses not to invest because it's so hassle free!

For more about Security Bank and their hassle free services, visit, Like them on Facebook and follow @securitybank on Instagram and @securitybankPH on Twitter.

For more information on UITFs, email or call 8887371 or 8887372.

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