Thursday, November 03, 2016

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash: Big Protection for Big Kids

You know your boy isn’t a baby anymore when he starts to smell, well like a boy. Heehee. 

It’s when the pawis isn’t sweet and you start thinking twice about kissing his feet that signals that he has grown from that babbling toddler into this independent little guy with a mind of his own. Which isn’t a bad thing really. 

Seeing Xavi want to explore things on his own, being unafraid to try new things, even doing something as simple as wanting to order pizza on his own, it gives me a sense of pride you know?

So when Xavi and I went on a one-on-one date to the Safeguard Adventure Camp at Exploreum a few weeks back, it was much an afternoon of discovery for him as it was for me.

For one, he may start off unsure and wanting my help in the beginning, like on our first activity where he had to lace up a giant pair of shoes (which was understandable really, those laces were long and heavy!)

But as we moved on from one activity to the next, and he had warmed up to the new environment, and the strangers we were with, he would go off to lead the way, and decide on what we’d do next by himself.

Like follow instructions to reach the police station:

Check out an airplane:

Even sign his own name on a clipboard to claim his Safeguard backpack that had their new Body Wash and loofah.

Which he proudly showed to Achi Berry, Tepper and his Dada when we got home.

He’s so cute pa because he insists on using the loofah and his own bottle from Adventure Camp, even if we have this big bottle of Lavender scented Safeguard Body Wash for Dada and the big kids to use. 

Yes, Berry and Xavi have been using Safeguard Body Wash even before Adventure Camp. As with the bar soap which I have been using for over two decades now, it has the same germ killing protection, but Safeguard Body Wash has the same pH as water, so it won’t strip skin of moisture. It’s guaranteed to be gentle even on their skin.

The kids love the scent and how it lathers, it’s just double great to know it gets rid of odor causing bacteria too. So I can still sniff that squeaky clean smell even if they are busy, active, sweaty kids na.

For more about Safeguard’s new line of germ killing products, visit

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