Monday, April 03, 2017

Gear Up & Explore with Paez and Doughnut: Part 1

In all the years I've attended mall based events, I thought this was the most unique and interactive  I have been to ever!

Paez, a footwear brand that has its roots in Argentina, and newly launched Doughnut Bags from Hongkong together kicked off 2017 with their Gear Up and Explore Challenge, where they got their guests to form into teams, explore the newly opened Ayala Malls The 30th in Ortigas, and overcome challenges wearing their super comfy Paez shoes, their exploration supplies neatly packed inside the team's Doughnut backpack.

The most popular backpack style by Doughnut, happens to be Macaron! Easy to remember when there's a doughnut and macaron buffet to nibble on. Tell you more about the brand in succeeding posts ;)

Of course, there are also empanadas from Argentina. A Paez event is never complete without baskets of them to munch on!

With a series of challenges to complete, most of the guests understandably started off feeling overwhelmed. Especially since the first challenge happened to be the hardest. Choosing a pair of Paez shoes to wear throughout the afternoon!

Look at Amber, Anna, Alex Karla and Trina pondering deeply.

I think the most time spent on the entire challenge was spent choosing their shoes alone!

To be continued...

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