Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Making Yum Memories with Alaska

Bed time is when we really get to spend quality time with Berry, Xavi and Tepper. 

Our routine usually goes like this: they take a bath after dinner, we read books or watch a show on TV before bed, they drink a glass of milk each, brush their teeth and then we say our evening prayers. This is also the time when they get to share with us the things they are grateful for that day. 

It is also usually sumbungan time amongst them - who annoyed who, who tried to grab someone's book or toy, and all the other highlights of the day.

Luckily, there are days when I get pockets of time where I have no meetings or errands scheduled, and I get to supervise their activities myself. Like when we get to do arts and crafts with them. 

A couple of days back, Alaska Milk sent us an art kit with tumblers and some art supplies. I got Berry and the boys to paint a personalized tumbler. 

Watch this video and see how Berry craftily spent one lazy summer afternoon. Not only did she get entertained, she felt so accomplished with her work, she wanted to use her tumbler and drink milk right away, and it was not even bed time yet. 


Days earlier, the boys got to do their own tumblers as well. So fun!

Here's Tepper proudly showing off his finished work!

Xavi is the biggest milk drinker among our kids. He loves milk not just because it's nutritious and will make him grow tall, he actually thinks it's delicious! That's Alaska Powdered Milk, of course ;)

For more about Alaska Powdered Milk, visit their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/alaskamilkphilippines.

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