Wednesday, September 19, 2018

InStorage by Clairmont

Our friend’s family company, Clairmont, recently opened InStorage, a storage facility in Mandaluyong. Dada and I came over to check it out since it's a reasonable drive from where we live.  I was thinking of moving our Christmas tree, holiday decors and some random items that we do not have use for daily to a storage facility since they were taking up  space in our place. 

I've never really been to any storage rental spaces here, except for the one we used when we were living in the US, so when we saw InStorage, we were very impressed! 

InStorage adheres to Self Storage Asia Association standards so it is super safe and secure with 24/7 access and security plus CCTV monitoring.

Clients can enter 24/7 with their own individual PIN or key card that is unique to each person

Areas are monitored via CCTV

They have 5 sizes available, depending on your needs. There's 1.69 sqm for the locker:

With a unit that goes up to 9 sqm for the extra large, enough to fit the contents of a small condo - say, you are in between homes, or your tenant decides to bring in their own furniture to your rental. 

This can even can fit kayaks and motorcycles, anything you want to put in really, except for prohibited items of course. Oh and since it's a storage facility and not a mini condo, renters can't sleep here, cook, bring pets or smoke inside.

Nice the thoughtful touches, like ladders and trolleys so it makes it easier to move and transport your stuff from car to your storage space.

InStorage is in the border of Mandaluyong and Makati, so it is very accessible for residents of Mandaluyong, Rockwell, Bel-Air, Poblacion, even Urdaneta since its just close to the Makati/Mandaluyong Bridge. 

Whether you’re like us just looking for a place to store our seasonal stuff, you need a small warehouse for stocks and business files, you live in a condo and need more space for sports equipment, or you are in between homes and need a temporary unit for furniture, this is the place to go! 

Minimum rental period is 1 month, but since they just opened, sign up for 12 months and get the last month free 😉

For more details visit or call 09171601111 to inquire. They also have parking spaces available to rent within the compound!

73 San Francisco Street
Brgy. Plainview Mandaluyong City
*close to Maysilo Circle and the Makati/Mandaluyong Bridge

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