Friday, August 18, 2006

The Closet Fashionista Goes to Work

So what's the buzz among fashionistas apart from the Fall/Winter 2006 collections? Why, the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" of course!!!

Can't wait to see stylist Patricia Fields' work on this film! I think this will be one fashion extravaganza no self-respecting "dedicated follower of fashion" would dare miss. I remember reading the book and daydreaming about the mythical Vogue closet! It must be a treasure trove of happiness!!! Honestly, I could not understand what Andrea, the (anti?)heroine was ranting about! She annoyed me more than how Miranda annoyed her no end! Don't you think she got the best of both worlds? Dressing up so nicely only to do brainless tasks like buying her boss' lunch or ordering lattes in Starbucks? That is NOT STRESSFUL AT ALL! I'll take any brainless shit from the higher ups if that means I get to wear all those fantabulous stuff the average girl can only dream about! (Fashion victim hello!!! Hahaha! Sad sad sad!!!)

If I were in her Jimmy Choos, I would probably make the sacrifice (I think the perks alone can relieve the stress). But sometimes, that's how the world is - not fair. Some girls aspire for that "to kill for job", and that "to kill for job" usually goes to someone who couldn't care less...

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Anonymous said...

I actually bef to differ on your opinion about Andrea Sachs since I am in an almost similar position. To someone who is well-educated as she is, I can understand how mundane tasks can be a drain no matter how beautifully dressed she is. I can wear my CLs and parade them around the office all day long but I'm still doing brainless crap. There's not much satisfaction there.

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