Friday, August 18, 2006


What happens when mass meets class? Well, masstige of course!!! Imagine when a retailer like Target works with, say, a hot designer like Luella Bartley or Sophie Albou (Paul&Joe)? Designer goods at regular, affordable prices!!! Get my point?

Ooohhh! I just have to share the wonderful news, the latest masstige development to excite any fashionista with a shoestring budget! Drumroll please!

The Nine West AND Vivienne Westwood (keep the drum rolling)...AND Thakoon (I ain't done yet)...AND Sophia Kokosalaki collections (tadaaah!)!!! Actually, this is a collaboration with Macy's and Vogue as well and the three designers will be featuring limited edition collections beginning in September 2006!!!

According to, "The designers were also given full creative control over their collection, which are comprised of eleven pieces each including shoes, handbags and ready-to-wear accessories." Hmmm, if only Dame Vivienne would do a re-issue of those Sex shoes Kate Moss was crazy about as a teenager growing up in Croydon, England.

Sex shoes or not, I wonder if these items will ever reach Philippine shores? Gosh darn it! Calling on the SSI Nine West merchandiser! A little touch of "class" won't hurt our thinning wallets =)

The "auntie" shoe from the Nine West and Vivienne Westwood Collection

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