Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rockwell Vintage Bazaar = old news?

I was super excited to check out the Rockwell Vintage Bazaar today. I heard much about it and was looking forward to seeing it myself.

Except for some exceptional clothing from Wisdom, Ruth&Esther and Debbie Co, bags from Aranaz and ColeVintage, original & indigenous items from Modi, contemporary furnishings from a furniture stall, and some pet accessories from 2 stalls whose names I forget, I felt that in general, the bazaar leaves much more to be desired. I guess my expectations were too high. I felt that most of the stuff looked much too alike (ruffled tops, boleros, etc), and the quality of local made items still needs some improvement. For instance, the sewing needs to be more "malinis" and the jewelry designs need to evolve into something beyond mere baubles and beads. In fairness, the designs of some of the shoes were good, but the execution/production still looks a bit rough around the edges. I know its not the designers' fault, but its a symptom of what ails the fashion industry. If we want to be competitive on a global scale, the government and the people in the industry should encourage investments in training and equipment so that we don't get left behind by our Asian neighbors.

When majority of the items look like they came from one and the same manufacturer, and designs from last year are still being sold at regular price, it bothers me how stagnant the industry is. There should always be something new, something fresh that will catch the consumer's eye, that will make people want to go out and buy buy buy! So that the economy will grow grow grow!

Just a thought! =)

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