Sunday, September 10, 2006

Drab your Partner (Do!-Si!-Do!)

Sober gray, as I said before, is back in the spotlight. But I failed to stress that along with it is a younger, hotter partner! Yes, before you start matching hot hot hot gray with its usual pairings (red, black, or pink) STOP! Do yourself a favor and partner it with yummy BROWN if you want to look up to the minute and stylin'!

Another drab color you might say? Well, in algebra, (-) x (-) = (+). In fashion speak, DRAB x DRAB = FAB! Check out these photos if you don't believe me. Its gonna leave you convinced! ;)

Prim, proper, and ladylike from Celine A/W '06-'07. Photo courtesy of

Plain housewife chic from Marni's Macrame collection. Photo courtesy of

Classic and structured from Bottega Veneta A/W '06-'07. Photo courtesy of

Hey guys know how to work it too! Photo courtesy of

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