Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spring is in the Air...and Something is Bobbing our Way

The cold nip in the air isn't here yet but springtime for fashionistas has already started with Fashion Week in NY pointing us into the direction Spring/Summer '07 is taking. Given that we only have two seasons here in good 'ol Philippines (hot and rainy! hahaha!), lets just skip fall/winter and go straight to spring/summer shall we? I mean, unless you plan to spend the holidays in the cooler climes, then we can do a more intensive session on that! =)

So far, its all good news! I haven't seen anything really new for next year. Shorts, skinny jeans or stovepipe pants, and dresses are still very much on the runways. Thank goodness everything in our closets will still work for next year! I see no perceived need to buy anything (yet!). Here are some looks to enjoy!

Gray matters! pinafore jersey dress from Rag and Bone S/S '07

Suit yourself with shorts from United Bamboo S/S '07

Nautical with a navy capelet, striped tee, and white skinny jeans from United Bamboo S/S '07

Androgynous with a shrunken grandpa cardigan, button down shirt, dark stovepipe jeans, a jaunty fedora and lace up booties from Rag and Bone S/S '07

How I foresee it, the way to update your look for next season would just be to get the right accessories and the right haircut such as this Louise Brooks bob! Stylin' in this still shot...

And cute and perky in this "real girl" photo...

Expect more fearless fashion forecasts from me in the coming weeks as more collections are unfolded inside those big white tents!

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Conchita said...

Uh-oh! Me like the hair! Me want to run to my stylist asap!

And I do trust your forecasts! So right on the mark!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks! And I trust a Louise Brooks bob will suit you as well! You can pull it off!

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