Sunday, September 17, 2006

Isn't it High Time for these Jeans?

Fashionistas live for staying ahead of the pack. They're willing to risk a fashion faux pas for the sake of standing out in a crowd. And that's what differentiates the icons from the victims...icons can get away with anything. Victims, well, always look like victims. Icons never make fashion mistakes, because they make the rules. Victims don't know where to draw the line, so they end up looking like a "don't".

Are you an icon or a victim? Here's the ultimate litmus test -- High Waisted Jeans

Ghost Jeans last sighted possessing Kate Moss (photo courtesy of

For the less adventurous soul...waist sits below the navel, so nothing extreme. This is Deneer Denim by Ya-el Torbati, one of the pioneers of Yanuk Denim (photo courtesy of

Will you take a dare?

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