Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playing Favorites

I love shoes but I love flats most of all. Just have a few of the basics and you'll be surprised at how many looks you can achieve. I don't have the bank account of an heiress so I try to make the most of my money by buying classic pairs of shoes, even if its just one of each style. Here are some suggestions to consider. (I'll also include trainers ok!)

Chucks go with anything- jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, slacks...oh this list can go on and on. It can go from preppy to rockstar depending on the jeans and top you're wearing (ie straight or bootleg jeans with a polo shirt vs skinny jeans and a tank top/shrunken rocker tee and scarf). Not bad for a pair of shoes that cost only Php1650.

These Puma trainers have that old school vibe to it. I love pairing these with jeans or khakis and a Lacoste pique shirt for that preppy meets funky feel. Got this at Lane Crawford in HK. I had no intention of buying a pair, but these just called out to me from the display! They have been with me for ages and are a classic. Love how the tongue sticks out and check out the color! Pink and brown, how tough yet girly can these trainers get! A friend told me its meant for indoor soccer use, but who cares! Haha!

Told you about these French Sole ballet flats in a previous post. Its the pair that's been getting a lot of mileage from me, nothing short of saying they're my favorite pair above all! These go nicely with dresses, jeans, shorts, get my point. And the best thing is it does not choose any type of fabric! It can go with cotton, tulle, lace, etc. Its very versatile!

Now these are pretty pretty authentic Punjabi juttis that are made of the softest leather. Its padded inside so its really very comfortable. These also go well with anything! But its not made for walking long distances as the leather sole is very thin.

It was while waiting for my friends to finish their tour of Windsor Palace that I saw a lady and her young daughter step out of their Range Rover, both wearing identical Tod's that I decided I had to have a similar pair. This is another classic that should be a staple in every girl's closet. I got these driving shoes from Homme et Femme way back in 2002. Perfect for travelling and makes any outfit look classy. I wear these with capris, shorts, khakis or jeans, a sweater top and South Sea pearls.

These gold Steve Madden flats have been used at least once a week since I've bought them. Another versatile pair that can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day. Its been there and done that. NAUTICAL with white slacks/navy blue&white striped shirt/red belt, GRANNY CHIC with a long beige cardigan/prairie print floral skirt/gold belt, and DRESSY CASUAL with a puff sleeved tunic top/dark denims/gold belt.

These are Yulo Manila square toe flats in brown suede with a pale pink trim (from their first collection). Its locally made out of the best materials. The insides are padded and even the sole is leather. Kristel and Rai, the girls behind the label never compromise on quality. Its a surprise how they can come up with such amazing pairs of shoes at reasonable prices. Yulo Manila is available at Ishq and Solea.

These were on display at CMG Shangri-la and it was love at first sight. I decided to sleep over it and when I went back a week after to claim what was mine, they were gone!!! But as they say, if it comes back to you, you are truly meant to be. One month later, these were at CMG Power Plant! This time I learned my lesson, and did not play hard to get!

Jackie O. wore capri sandals with shift dresses, and she looked smashing in its simplicity. So when I saw these in Mango, I didn't even think twice about getting them. These are a steal when compared to Miss Trish of Capri sandals sold at Itsie Bitsie in Malate. But if I had spare cash lying around, then I'd definitely go for the latter haha!

Because I'd have to skip lunch if I were to buy Miss Trish of Capri, I'd rather have a full stomach and another pair of sandals! These are from Schu. I love the dark green color and the gold sequins adorning it. They go with jeans and some skirts and they never fail to get stares from other girls haha! Either that or I'm in desperate need of a pedicure such as in these photos! Sorry!

Kung Fu shoes in red are so much fun! Got these in Greenhills. I hardly wear them but they're just nice to have! And I don't feel guilty buying because they're so cheap!

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Conchita said...

Hay naku! Sige na nga may bday gift for myself is a new pair of Chuck's!

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