Saturday, September 16, 2006

Label to Watch: Trovata

If there's one label that we all ought to watch out for, its Trovata. Relative newcomers in the fashion scene, the four person California design team instantly created a following with its schizophrenic (in a good way) line of clothing. The first collection was inspired by an imaginary "muse": a Cali surfer dude shipped out to boarding school and the old money lifestyle (a WASPy beach bum!). For S/S '07, has the Trovata story line on "a pair of scuba divers in Cuba circa 1974".

The key to their designs is that they do not take things literally. There's always that element of laid-back California cool infused with a dose of prep in each look. Enjoy the edgy nautical feel of their S/S '07 collection...

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Conchita said...

I love the last three looks specially the red shoes and the brown boots!!!

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