Friday, October 13, 2006

Abandoned Child

After the euphoria arising from the report that Kate Moss was coming out with a collection for Topshop comes the sad news that Jane Shepherdson irrevocably tendered her resignation last week as brand director of the popular UK chain.

The lady best known for turning "Flopshop" into literally the Top of the Shops, and heralded as the most powerful woman in British retail has been rumored to quit due to the signing in of Kate Moss into the design team. A fact that can hardly be substantiated, but feeds the rumor mill nevertheless.

Whatever her reason for leaving, it is a terrible loss for Topshop and its legions of fans. Kate, for all her fashion savvy, is still untested in the retail arena. My main concern is, without Ms. Shepherdson around, will I still love Topshop the way I have for the last twelve years? Will they find someone who shares her commitment to style without sacrificing quality, and affordability?

What I want is continuity and comfort in the thought that when I go to Topshop, I will see things that I want to buy, clothes that fit well and fall just right. Its the only store where I can get pants that seem to have been custom tailored for me. Its the only store where I can get belts made from real leather, at a very very reasonable price. Whenever I wear their stuff I always get compliments. And my gosh! Do their clothes last! Items I bought over a decade ago still wear well and even get better with time! Topshop is my refuge, my ever dependable pusher when I'm in need of a retail fix.

This unfortunate news leaves me in limbo, not knowing what to expect in the coming collections given that the brains behind the retail and merchandise phenomenon that is Topshop has upped and left us...I feel like a kid left to fend for herself by her loving momma and forced to contend with a glamorous stepmom who knows nothing about who I am and what I like.

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