Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leggings Faux Pas

I was in Rockwell with my soon to be sis-in-law last weekend and we noticed so many girls wearing leggings. Now there's nothing wrong about leggings, hey, I wear them myself and I'm pushing 30. But it bothers me when people wear it the wrong way. I mean, for every 5 girls in leggings, only 2 got the look right!

For one, as a rule, it has to be worn with at least a mid-thigh length top. No matter how skinny she is, it just doesn't look right to see a grown woman wear it with a top that just about covers her butt. Yes, even if its a really cute puff sleeve striped tee.

Second, they have to fit well! There was a middle aged lady who almost got it right. Long tunic top (check), flats (check), baggy leggings (que horror!) It just ruins the look. I'd rather she wore skinny or slim pants if she couldn't hack it. Otherwise, buy a new pair of leggings for chrissakes! (Which reminds me, I scored a really cheap and great-fitting pair of footless opaque tights at Lee Denim in Robinsons Galleria, for Php399!)

Third, if you're buying one, get something that at least goes well past your knees. Leggings are in, not cycling shorts. Just store the latter for the meantime until its safe to take it out. At the rate fashion is going, ultimately its time will come

And lasty, ditch the attitude. Everyone and her mother is wearing leggings! A girl shouldn't act like she's so hot because she's wearing one. As Michael Kors told Andrae in Project Runway 2 "Lighten up. Its just fashion."

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