Saturday, January 06, 2007

Celebrity Stylist

The title goes both ways, Rachel Zoe (she dropped her last name Rosenzweig) is THE stylist to the stars and a celebrity in her own right. And the girl just happens to have MY DREAM JOB!

Check out her "resume" from Marshall Heyman's feature story on the pint-sized fashionista in the February 2007 issue of W:

Zoe, 35 and a native of New Jersey, considers herself a "fashion doctor on call, 24/7." She majored in sociology and psychology at George Washington University, and one can only assume that -- with her high-drama twentysomething clients -- she's putting that degree to good use. But she has lately become much, much more than a dressing-room shrink handy with double-stick tape. Besides the 15 clients she dresses at a rate of more than $6,000 a day-among them Jennifer Garner, Keira Knightley, Maria Sharapova, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Salma Hayek -- she designs a collection of ultraexpensive bags for Leiber; consults with, a shoe Web site run by Gap Inc.; styles runway shows for the fashion label Marchesa; is codesigning uniforms for the new Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills; works on the aforementioned ad campaigns for Jimmy Choo, Leiber and any brand a client may be promoting; stars in a current print ad for a Samsung cell phone; and will release her first book, set to be called Style A to Zoe, in the fall. Beyond all this, she is developing a jewelry line, an accessories line and possibly a television show, none of which she is ready to discuss. "I see Rachel almost as a brand herself," says Georgina Chapman, one of the designers behind Marchesa.

One day I will be doing what I love best and follow her footsteps! I have seen a sign! Check out the black polished toes on the lower left hand side of the picture above! Inspired by my sister who had her toes lacquered a deep plum almost black color a couple weeks back, and came out with whiter feet (trust me, this is a major deal -- she thinks her toes are dark & hideous), I bought a bottle of black nail polish from the Face Shop for Php95 a few days back! My sister, future sister-in-law and I then hied off to the neighborhood parlor for a pedi and polish. We're all sporting the same black toes now! It doesn't look goth at all I tell you!

(Photos courtesy of and my camera!)


Conchita said...

Hahaha! I have the same polish too!!! Also from the Face Shop of course.

May isa pa color maganda... the one in almost violet-ish, dark blue.

Anonymous said...

you have very pretty toes. that black polish really brings them out well.

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