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The Great Clothes Swap or How to Swap & Save

Here's something interesting from that I hope should catch on here in Manila!

A fool proof guide to hosting a clothes swap

By Variety Staff, Monica Corcoran

Every woman has a few fashion orphans in her closet. Like those Miu Miu platforms that torture your toes. Or that Hermes "H" belt that cinches too tight. And who hasn't invested in a pair of designer "wish" jeans that will only fit if you get two parasites? FYI: Wishing for a parasite is a big, fat waste of a wish.

Women in Hollywood and New York know that it's better to recycle than never wear. It's time to host a clothes swap.

How to trade up a J. Crew for a Chloe? Or politely decline a low ball offer for your Balenciaga? Here's a fool proof game plan for a successful swap:

1. Keep it small and familiar. Your first swap should be amongst no more than five friends. Explain to each one that she must bring clothes, shoes, jewelry and/or bags that are in very good condition. No Merlot-stained sweaters or broken heeled Manolos. (If there is a tiny tear or flaw, it should be pointed out right away.)

2. Have each pal put her wares in a neat pile in front of her. (Mixing all of the offerings in one big pile can result in a rumble.) Everyone sits in a circle and then you go around and each person gets to ask to see one item in another pile. After examining it, she should decide if she wants to make an offer or pass. Next! (This may sound over organized, but try separating two girls grabbing for the same vintage equestrian boots.)

3. Money should not change hands. If someone complains that her Balenciaga is worth ten times more than a pair of cubic zirconia earrings, tell her that it's better to own something that she will actually wear. If someone gets truly petty, she loses a turn. (That will keep the peace, for sure.)

4. Aim to have all items exchanged by the end of the night. Serving wine helps. If you have a surplus of nice shopping bags in your closet, pass them around. The key is to make sure that all of your guests go home with something new.

5. Donate leftovers to or a nearby shelter for women. Drink leftover wine.

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