Thursday, January 11, 2007

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

A very reliable source told me that a Filipino retailer is currently working on bringing H&M to our shores!

With news of H&M opening in Shanghai and Hongkong, Manila hopefully will not be too far behind! The H&M folks are treading carefully into Asia and may take some convincing, so let's keep our fingers crossed!!!


shopgirlmanila said...

Hey MFO!

GREEAAATTTT! I actually wrote an open letter in my blog for some retail giant to bring H&M here in Manila. Who? Who is this dear santa? =)


cd_mfo said...

Hi shopgirl! Negotiations are still on-going so its not yet a sealed deal. But are we wishing them luck! Let's just say that this group brought in prominent European brands to Manila. I can't divulge much, but I'll let everyone know when our prayers will be answered =)

Anonymous said...

It's Rustans.

I do hope that they don't bloat the prices the way they do with the other brands. H&M would be good for the Filipinos. It's chic and really really cheap. The only problem is that the quality of the cloth isn't so good. It only lasts a season so they better not bloat the price otherwise, di sya worth it.

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