Saturday, February 03, 2007

NY Fashion Week Begins!!!

Fashion without a doubt is fleeting. Many of us are still in the throes of completing our Spring-Summer wardrobe, but with NY Fashion week opening this February, why, Fall-Winter '07-'08 is fast looming on the horizon!

Now, this is not an earthshaking revelation, I am making no such claims that it is. After all, as Guy Trebay wrote in a New York Times article, and I tend to agree -- "Shifts of taste and style are trivialities without any serious meaning. But they do perform one important function, as Proust pointed out: they notch our hours and moments and decades and leaves us with visual mnemonics, clues by which to remember where and in which dress and what jeans one was at a particular time. Tracking the way styles evolve gives us insight into the forms of beauty we choose to idealize."

Very true don't you think? And presented in such an intellectual, eloquent manner too!

Now for starters, let me share with you my favorite look from Rag & Bone's A/W collection: the belted cardigan!

Monsieur Proust, you are right on! The years 2006-2007-2008 might just be the era of the cardigan! I think I will forever remember this period as the time I started filling my closet with cardigans...

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