Monday, April 09, 2007

GQ Style for the Pinoy Guy

I was pleasantly surprised when my friend Pam told me that she saw her husband's colleague at work reading this blog! A lawyer, and a guy at that, reading a fashion blog?! Incredible huh! Excitedly, I told dear Hubby that even guys read fashion blogs! Thoughtfully, he pointed out, I should start putting fashion for men because I tend to write about stuff for girls. Now I have to admit I never thought about that! But what a brilliant idea! (That's my Honey! Always full of smart ideas!)

So let me put in my two centavos worth! Hopefully this will inspire Pinoy guys to develop a personal sense of style. I mean, Filipino men in general always tend to look classic, which unfortunately, leans on the boring side. Even the ones who initially looked cool, the ones who wear graphic tees, slim jeans and old school sneakers are a dime a dozen! I remember back in high school and college, the guys who dress up more than most get labeled as "GQ". And I remember thinking, what they call "GQ", still ain't no "GQ"! Hahaha!

Anyway, here's a little something for the style curious Pinoy guy! I figured, given that they aren't the adventurous type, I better start with clothes that are safe yet stylish. In short, ones that aren't "fashion", but still make a statement. And the best way to start them off with, are these looks from Michael Kors! (Notice that casual doesn't have to mean jeans and t-shirts...)

For those who live abroad or frequently travel to cooler climes, check out these wearable cold weather urban gear from Adam+Eve...

and DKNY...

Now for those who are ready to take a walk on the wild sunny side, these quirky colorful summer looks from Trovata, inspired by a surfer dude raised by his grandparents in California and sent to prep school on the East Coast (I think!), might just be your cup of tea, or rather, bottle of beer:

Now, all these pictures are meant only for drawing inspiration, because at the end of the day, there is no one set formula for a man to look stylish. Remember, it all boils down to having your own personal style, as these real guy photos from The Sartorialist shows:

If there's one advice that goes for all, regardless of individual taste - The secret to dressing well at any age is in the FIT of the clothes! You don't need to go to FIT for that! ;-)

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raissa said...

The one thing I like with the way that Filipino men dress is coz its classic but I agree they tend to though not exactly boring, they stick to what is "safe". I would like to see them more stylish and adventurous. Not to change them but improve. Here in the US its easy to see those who grew up in the Philippines based on the way they dress and I like some of them LOL and I agree its in the FIT of the clothes. Regardless if its in style or not, ill-fitting clothes is still ill-fitting clothes LOL

Therese San Diego said...

Cool entry! I just love men who know how to dress. Heehee. ^_^

cd_mfo said...

Hi Raissa and the citylifestylist! Haha! Yeah there is that distinctly Pinoy guy "look" that just screams he's from here. Let's hope our guy readers will realize that girls appreciate men who take that extra effort to look even just a wee bit stylish!

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