Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hola! Jocomomola!

If you love teeny tiny bikinis, then say Hola! to Jocomomola de Sybilla! These diminuto (tiny) psychedelic bikinis from Sybilla, one of Spain's well known designers, will make your abuelos say "Sirvenguenza!" and the muchachos go "Aye Caramba!"

Jocomomola , which roughly means "gosh how cool", is not all about bikinis alone. The line carries quirky yet feminine clothes that come in a myriad of colors for S/S 07: a range of greens, true fire-engine red, violet, terracotta, celeste blue/olive, champagne and black. Really bright and punchy colors guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd!

Now go and tell Papa "Yo no tengo dinero!" so he can give you some shopping money for you to go loco!

(Bikinis available at, runway photos courtesy of


Little said...

Hi! Are the bikinis available in Manila? Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Little! Unfortunately, its not available here in Manila, but you can get it through =)

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