Saturday, April 21, 2007

Patrick Robinson for Target and a Eureka Moment!

I was browsing through Teen Vogue and lookie here! Beginning May 6, 2007, Patrick Robinson's line will be available in Target! So before Libertine hits the shops in July, this is what Target has to offer. This collection's right on time for summer here if you ask me!

Here are more looks from Mr. Robinson's Target collection from

I can't get over Patrick Robinson's prints. I'm not so much into prints, but I can imagine myself wearing such. It was said in the article that the designs were inspired by Greece and Rome, and prints were lifted from ancient vases. And guess what! I was in my favorite fabric store in Market Market yesterday and the store owner, Chester (who's expecting a baby next week! Congrats to the happy young couple!) showed me a bolt of fabric that sort of evokes the same mood! I'm telling you, this fabric store is a secret treasure waiting to be discovered! Every time I go there I see a great piece of material and I just see the potential! So I'm thinking of buying that fabric and using it for one of my sewing projects at FIP! Plus, maybe a nice shift dress or a full skirt for me? Hmmm! So exciting!


raissa said...

Oh i like prints and hopefully I will like his line for Target. I couldnt bring myself to like the Proenza Schouler line. I dont know why. I guess it just didnt appeal much to me or the buyer for the Target near me just didnt know how to pick them LOL

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Well, compared to the Proenza line, this looks more promising because Patrick's designs are more classic and sophisticated. The PS line for Target appealed more to the trendy types. Although I found it cute, I never had palpitations like with this one, heehee! Let's see how it looks up close though! Remember the Behnaz line? I was disappointed with the poor quality and craftsmanship!

raissa said...

I never had palpitations like with this one,

LOL same with me. I went to check the GO! Target site to see the clothes in his collection and I thought I was having a heart attack. I am loving the dresses and the shorts and the tops LOL looks like everything. But yung nga we will see once its at the stores.

cd_mfo said...

Yeah I can't wait to see it! I'll be there in the US May 7! I'll try to check the nearest Target outlet as soon as I get there! Let me know what you think! Lets compare notes when the collection comes in! =)

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