Sunday, April 22, 2007

Surfer Girls

The great thing about having 3 sisters and a brother is that there's never a dearth for reading material in our house.

So look at what I came across this time! My sister Trina's Surfer Girls magazine!

I don't understand a thing because its in Japanese! But the pictures and clothes are quite fun to look at!

Reminds me of my college days back in the 90s (Jeez, I am old!), when my friend Krissa and I dressed up like surfer girls in Roxy and Billabong shirts, surf shorts and jackets, and Reef and Old Navy flip flops! We stuck Quiksilver and Roxy stickers on our cars' back windshields too! Talk about posers! Hahaha! But those were fun and silly times, when we were young and life was carefree!

Back to work on Monday! Have a great week ahead y'all! =)

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