Monday, April 30, 2007

Trying Hard Copycat

This is the print that I scored in my favorite fabric store! I can't wait to see how this will look as a nice full skirt or a dress maybe? Let's see!

Its not exactly the same as Patrick Robinson's but its pretty close in terms of "look" and "feel" right?

(Photos courtesy of pressroom)


Anonymous said...

hello, where exactly is Cotton Touch at Market Market? :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi! Cotton Touch is on the ground floor of Market Market, beside Carolina's. When you come in from the main entrance, between McDonald's and Jollibee, go straight and turn right after Janylin. You'll see Carolina's on your right side. Turn right again and that's Cotton Touch! Don't forget to ask for a discount, they'll usually give it to you! =)

iskariray said...


i'll be hitting the beach in a couple of weeks and i've been searching high and low for the perfect caftan to no avail. actually, i saw ONE shop in all of makati that had a couple on their racks--- swim (?) in the archaeology section of powerplant. even then it cost P7,000. i really want one but not that bad. HELP!!! any ideas where else i can look???


cd_mfo said...

Hi Kai! Try going to Nullah (Rockwell, Mall of Asia, Dona Consolacion Building), MiaBella, Souk and the other little boutiques on the 2nd floor of Serendra Piazza, even the tiangges in Greenhills! Sometimes they have surprising finds, especially those stalls selling Bangkok imports. Bazaars selling Indian and Moroccan items are an option too! Good luck and happy hunting!!! If ever I see one in a store that I haven't recommended yet, I'll give you an update! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I bought the exact same tela in Market Market too and had it made into a dress. I really love it and was thinking of getting the other colors. Just don't make the mistake of wearing the skirt or dress you had made in Power Plant because one shop (don't remember which one) has the same tela as the curtain of their fitting room and table cloth!

cd_mfo said...

Oh my a curtain and table cloth! Thanks for the tip Pep!!! Still, I can't wait to have it made into a skirt na! I think it will turn out real pretty because the print is really nice! We both have excellent taste! =)

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