Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Art Attack

My Mom and my Tita, both frustrated interior designers, asked me to accompany them in looking for a nice painting or print to place in the foyer of their friend's condo. Now I've never been the artsy type but I must say, when we were hopping from one gallery to another, I'm now convinced that when I have the money for it, I will buy paintings and sculpture.

While my mom would go through all the paintings, I found myself fixated and inexplicably drawn to this particular one, because I loved the mix of red, blue and green. It just called to me, practically begging me to buy it! I could imagine it hanging on a blank white wall, or propped against a chest or converted dresser when I have my own home.

When I looked up close, well well well, it just happened to be a Sanso!!! I may have an eye for art after all! Somehow I will find a way to buy this!!!

("Edge of Glory" photo courtesy of juvenalsanso.com)

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