Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Heads Up on "La Copa"!

Grupo La Copa from left: Isabel Roces, Melanie Teng-Go (standing), Regina Sambalido and Dianne Tan

Four girls on a constant hunt for unique clothes - that will still suit each one's peculiar personality - found themselves always drawing a blank. To them, the seemingly futile exercise was like searching for the Holy Grail. It was a struggle because "...everything seemed to be so commercialized and common. So when Melanie chanced upon a great opportunity, we all decided to pursue it."

Therein lies the story of La Copa, a concept that is all about introducing a unique and distinct sense of style to the local fashion retail scene. "We firmly believe in injecting one's individuality in the way one dresses up, we are all for genuine self–declaration. But with the rapid spread of overly familiar trends, many find it exhilarating just to be themselves. La Copa is offering them an opportunity to do so by offering pieces, which boast of an individual style, allowing them to dress according to their personality."

In short, their clothes will appeal to women with a strong sense of identity. Those who want to stand out from the crowd, if not tired of running away - before the bandwagon catches on. "We cater to those women who are self-assured and confident. Those who know themselves and who are not easily swayed by the majority. We also reach out to those who have forgotten themselves because they became too busy with their own families and jobs. Through La Copa, we wish that they may come to terms with their own sense of individuality again."

The store will be carrying their in-house brand, with clothes sourced from different countries. To keep that sense of individuality, items will be offered in limited quantities. They will also be stocking on designer pieces, that is, if they find particular designs that stand apart from the rest. The La Copa pieces will range from Php1,000 and up, depending on design and construction.

As it is La Copa's mission to constantly introduce something new and different, the girls guarantee that customers will be sure to find distinctive pieces on their racks. "More than our pieces, we are focused on the experience which we will be giving our customers. We are also thinking of coming up with small activities in our boutique from time to time. We will make sure that it will be an experience which will keep our customers coming back for more. To show how serious we are with our commitment, aside from our ever-present boutique, we will be creating unusual events in the near future wherein each will be completely different from the other."

La Copa will be opening shop on July 2007 at Penthouse 2 Mancor Corporate Center, 32nd street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City (beside the Mercedes Benz showroom). In the meantime, you can look forward to wearing these truly unique dresses from their collection:

Loving the gold detail!
A modern Jackie O.
Nice LWD!
Its the coat that makes this a winner!
I want this...
and this!!!
A sweater dress and a crocheted shrug never looked this sexy!
Great structure and very unique indeed!
This top would look great with mannish trousers too!
What to wear to work to set you apart from the long-sleeved shirt, black trousers and pointy pumps wearing crowd.
Wear this over skinny jeans if you can't go short like this! My friend Carissa did and she was getting compliments all day long!

For inquiries you may call 819-3673 loc. 121, +63922 8128169 or email

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Eubelle said...

that white dress is super cute! can i get that here? how much is the dress?

cd_mfo said...

Hi Belle! Which one? The one with sleeves or the sleeveless one with florettes? I don't think its available in the States though! But I'll ask for the price and get back to you =) We'll find a way for you to have it!

Eubelle said...

thanks tin tin! i like the one you can wear with a skinny jeans :) perfect for spring! i just hope its not too pricey.

Anonymous said...

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cd_mfo said...

Oooh!!! That's my friend's exact same dress! She said it doesn't cost much! What size are you? Hopefully they still have one available in your size!

raissa said...

oh I the dresses. I like the white one that can be worn over skinny jeans. The brown knit dress that one of the owners is wearing =) and the halter polka dot one I saw from their blog. Sadly, they dont sell in the States.

raissa said...

oh the halter isnt polka dot but plaid =D and I like the plum/purple dress that Rissa was wearing.

Eubelle said...

hmmm size...let see, im a 2 petite in banana republic. does that help. some other brands over here it varies from 0-2. let me know so in love with the dress :)
just in time if ever i can get it, i can ask trins to send it here with a friend. thank you so much!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Belle! I can just ask Trina to estimate your size! Lets hope the dress is still available! =)

Raissa! I think you like everything! =) But yeah, most of the dresses are really pretty! Hey, maybe they can ship to the US? I'll ask!

raissa said...

It would be great if they will ship to the US. Please let me know and it would help a lot if they have a sizing chart =) Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Hi again! I emailed them already and I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from them! =)

Anonymous said...

love the dresses! do they have a store or should i just email them about these beautiful clothes?

cd_mfo said...

Hi nikki! They're opening their store in The Fort next month, but for inquiries you may call or email them anytime =)

Cj said...

hello..I super love your site!!!hope you would visit mine too..^_^

Cj said...

hello cd,thanks for the comment, I learned that fashion school form your blog, I was searching on google then your blog was there, i owe you a lot..heheh. Keep on posting, keep on being an inspiration for everyone!!Godbless!!

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