Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gathering Moss from Style.com

Finally, the much-awaited launch! THIS IS HOW IT LOOKED IN STORE:

May 1, 2007 – As a first night blooper, it was a classic. British press photographers were stacked on ladders in London's Oxford Street in front of thousands of shoppers-in-waiting looped around the Topshop building. At 8 p.m., there was Kate Moss, poised to appear in the window. A massive roar of "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!" went up—and the curtain refused to budge. Sir Philip Green, the brand's billionaire owner, barked orders. Moss retired to the wings, propped her head in her hands, and squeaked, "Aw, is 'e getting 'is money's worth, or what?" Finally, the drapes obeyed, and Moss was revealed, throwing a feline shape in a £195 ($390) version of a red bias-cut thirties gown, accessorized, Coco-like, with a metal belt. It took all of 30 seconds, but it was a publicity coup splashed across the evening news and the front pages of today's U.K. morning newspapers. Moss snaked off with Green, and all was well. Kate Moss for Topshop (Part I) is launched. (For Part II, stand by for Barneys New York, next week.)

The moment they were allowed inside, women and girls—some in school uniforms and ponytails—cascaded down escalators toward Kate's 90-piece launch collection. Sir Philip, an entrepreneur who knows the meaning of "retail is detail" was on hand to help customers—"Size 12, madam? Certainly."—find their way around Kate's teensy hot pants, tailored vests, vintage-y gowns, and knee-high moccasin boots. Early hits seemed to be the pansy-print forties dress, the lemon one-shouldered chiffon cocktail frock, and a diaphanous blouse with the initials K.M. worked into the print. One of Moss' friends looked up long enough to take in the black walls, purple couches, birdcages, minichandeliers, and leopard-spot flooring. "Looks like Kate's place in here," she said. "Even those metal swallows on the wall. They're her tattoos."

(THE best-selling yellow dress! I wonder how much this would go for in ebay? If I got this dress though, I will never let it go! It looks so yummy, like a buttery yellow meringue!)

Topshop's excellent crowd-control strategists organized things so that only a few shoppers were allowed in at a time; queuing customers were fed, watered, and issued with timed-entry wristbands; and potential eBay profiteers were stymied by a strict five-item-only purchase rule. Ironically, while the public shopped sedately, the real mob was back of house, in the VIP room. There, editors and Kate's mates—including Lily Cole, Sadie Frost, Peaches Geldof, Jess Morris, and Sarah Doukas—were struggling to get first dibs on trunkloads of the collection while Katy England, Alexander McQueen's ex-stylist and now Moss' consultant-in-chief, did her best to maintain order. Certain underhanded tactics—including the hiding of samples and the removal of identifying numbers to prevent rivals from ordering—could be observed going on in the melee. But, hey—customers and after-party invitees alike streamed out of the store happily toting their Kate Moss for Topshop bags. Some didn't tear themselves away until midnight.

–Sarah Mower

Now, that sounded like a lot of fun didn't it? With a valuable takeaway lesson on crowd control from Topshop too - the waiting crowd was "watered, fed and issued with timed-entry wristbands"! Paging ABS-CBN! You know what I'm talking about!

(Photos courtesy of style.com)


Conchita said...

i'd like to shop at topshop in london just to experience being in the middle of all the chaos...

sigh! yummy clothes!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yeah! Its so you to want to be in the center of it all Cons! Can't wait to see the clothes up close!

LegallyChef said...

it isn't nice daw. i read a review that said that poor materials and lots of hype and clothes that wasn't designed for "normal bodies"

cd_mfo said...

I read about it too in Catwalk Queen! But I'd still want to see for myself if the clothes live up to its hype or not! I think that's part of the thrill of anticipation! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

hey! can't wait for the clothes to hit the store. from my sources, the collection should be here in june! :D
i'm counting the days...

cd_mfo said...

Ooohhh! Next month!!! Exciting!!!

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