Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Sign from the Heavens

I didn't know celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino gave up a law degree after two years to pursue his passion. Testino admitted a long-term weakness for fashion. "I suddenly became a photographer because I loved clothes," he shared with the audience at the London College of Fashion this week.

To pursue one's passion and to be wildly acclaimed for it is my definition of having reached the pinnacle of career success. Jumping into the unknown and deviating from a stable career path takes lots of guts. To be recognized for your talent is the best validation and is worth every bit of paranoia and uncertainty!

Testino, seen here with Colin McDowell - whom I consider to be the Father of Fashion Journalism, is a reminder of two of my favorite things - guts and glory.

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Unknown said...

it's a sign tintin! go for it!!!! i believe you'll be a great fashion journalist :)

cd_mfo said...

Awww! Thanks for the support chico! =)

prettypower said...

there you go, girl..what are you waiting for? ;-)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Ruby! Good question! Hahaha! Soon!!! =)

Health Watch Center said...

Hi CD,

I liked your favorite things..."Guts and Glory"

All the best to you on your new thought...keep going...

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