Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Original CD

I have an affinity with the original CD - Christian Dior. First, because we share the same initials! Imagine, some of the Christian Dior sunglasses, belts and the bags instantly have my monogram, if not a "D" to stand for my last name! How cool is that? Heehee!

Apart from the initials, I also love the clothes! For Resort 2008, John Galliano must have paid homage to Jackie Kennedy-Onassis' visit to India back in the 1960s. Because the suits and gowns are cut the way Jackie would have liked, while the colors are just so bright and vibrant like those colorful Madras cottons! The embellishments are very rich and exotic too! Quite a mix I must say! Fun, glam and elegant all at the same time!

Jackie Oish huh?

This is what I mean when I said Indian inspired...See, they invented the original skinny pants scrunched up at the ankles (Although theirs were baggy around the thighs...)!

These dresses are sublime!

Now check out these gowns!

This is more Lilly Pulitzer/Palm Beach-y actually, but well it is a resort collection right? I'm not complaining because I loves it!

(Photos courtesy of style.com)

1 comment:

Conchita said...

ooohhh! love the yellow dress! i have inspirations for all those weddings and engagement parties i have to attend in the next months!

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